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We've finally managed to switch on the central heating in our uni house! My housemates and I automatically assume everything is broken if we can't work out how to use it, for example the oven, the boiler, and then the central heating.. For a group of 19 year olds we literally need a manual of how to run a house! We were so worried about racking up gas costs by turning it on but when you are still shivering underneath a quilt, blanket and then a hoodie it turns into being a necessity. I was even using my laptop charger as a source of warmth for a while.. Also this week, we have spring cleaned the house from top to toe ready for a gigantic pre-drinks at the house for one of my housemate's 20th birthdays. I discovered the joys of shot roulette- I just kept repeating the mantra of it's free alcohol it's free alcohol as I downed a measurement of toilet eroding vodka and then frothy beer. I also discovered how close we are to town and how (once a substantial amount of alcohol is inside me) funny walking to a club is, saves money on cabs. Whilst slightly on the subject of money, I worked out the other day that I have spent almost £200 on textbooks this year so a word of advice to prospective students: try and buy books second hand off Amazon or at the university's book sale. Unless lecturers stipulate the latest version of a book, this is a great way to save money.

I went home last weekend for a friend's party. It's so lovely to go home, to sleep in my own bed, not have to cook or wash up after myself, and to just spend time with everyone is bliss, but then I always hate going back to uni. I remember the first time I came home from uni in my first year, I spent the whole journey from London Victoria to Brighton sobbing and staring out the window at a dark Sunday evening like they do in films. I only stopped crying when I managed to hop on a quicker train. We've got a lot of visitors to the house over the next few weeks which will be nice if the weather holds out, Brighton is so much better in glorious sunshine.

Now I'm a worried second year, I have wasted no time attending plenty of talks put on by the Law Society and the new society that I have joined all about Commercial Awareness. This is a term that I didn't know existed until 2 weeks ago when applying for internships. We had a really insightful talk led by an employee of Clifford Chance, which has been useful when looking for vacation schemes for the summer holiday.

The next few weeks are going to be spent brain storming halloween costume ideas. Very fed up with the amount of people who wear normal costumes and just put the term "Zombie" in front, which translates to a pair of dodgy red contact lenses and a tube of fake blood splattered over the outfit. Brighton really does do Halloween amazingly, last year we ended up in Oceana with people from Susex and Brighton uni. A warning to first year students though: the buses on Halloween are manic, Brighthelm bus stop should be avoided if you don't want to be pushed to the floor when a 25 bus arrives.


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