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So I'm writing this whilst battling food poisoning from a dodgy chicken korma, but I've had such an eventful week. I can't believe that there is only 3 weeks left of Autumn term, the assessed essay deadlines are already looming over my head and my daunting to do list is getting progressively longer. I always love second term most, sitting in Stanmer Park having a picnic, visiting the pier and the beach, and not having to worry about paying for central heating..

On Wednesday we had our first round of the law client interviewing competition. It's safe to say that all the 10 hours of training that we had had went straight out the window. I was just as nervous as when I sat my A-Level exams, when they were deciding my future and this was supposed to be fun.. It wasn't the best experience sitting in a lecture wearing dodgy standard black flare trousers and a smart blouse but we did have to look the part, and considering we got super keen with our props (note the "business card" below) it was very fitting to play solicitors for the weekend. As soon as it was over all I could think of was when it was acceptable to have my first vodka and coke of the evening and now it's just a waiting game for a few days until we know if we're going through it all over again for round 2. Putting the stressfulness behind me, it has been really worthwhile and I have mentioned it on loads of application forms for vacation schemes and internships, and I felt slightly like I was in an episode of CSI.

I went to a gig in Brighton this week to see a band called Nimmo who are in fact Sussex Uni alumni. It was so nice to see another side of Brighton, not just going out out on my weekly trips to Pryzm but to a quirky bar that only stocks local beers (typical Brighton) and listening to some live music. It was much nicer than my last experience of live music, being squished into a mosh with sweaty crowds fumbling around for a friend's hand to drag me back to safety.

I had my boyfriend come to stay this weekend and I finally got what I've been after since I moved to univeristy.. A teddy bear. I really wanted a piece of home to keep at university with me so we took a trip to Build a Bear Factory, the shop filled with really enthusiastic workers and an explosion of neon colours. It was highly embarrassing wandering around having to kiss my bear's heart whilst making a wish, saying the bear promise, all whilst trying to scrape back some decorum as the sophisticated 19 year old that I am..

Budgeting has taken a slight turn for the worse this week, with taking into account replacing my broken laptop charger, a law ball ticket and a dress for said ball. I'm trying to cut corners in other places but it really doesn't help when I'm poorly and want to gauge on chocolate supplied from the lovely little off-licence a few doors from our house..

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