First Week of Second Year Done



So I have now been back at university for 7 days, I've finally unpacked everything into my cosy room and I have to say that second year is made for me. Not as much pressure to go out every night, never having to wait for the night bus after clubbing, cooking meals and just watching TV with my friends, and we're in walking distance to town and yet driving to university for lectures takes exactly 6 minutes. I feel so much more comfortable as a second year, I know my way around campus finally and I'm not afraid to just commandeer in the living room when I want to.

This week I've been out to Pryzm Wednesday's and been to a house party, where I became the biggest light weight after not drinking frequently throughout summer. I currently have the beginnings of a cold from cheap vodka, it's safe to say that I haven't missed supermarket value alcohol that's for sure.. Going out clubbing for the first time proved insightful, a lot of girls on the floor of the Disco room and a lot of really weird dancing. What I love most about clubbing is the amount of friends you make in the queue for the girls toilets, the depth of the chats that goes on in the girls toilets will forever baffle boys. As I said in one of my previous posts, Freshers week for me was a bit of an anticlimax. This year, we're going to try and attend a few University of Brighton events, I'm sooo looking forward to the silent disco.

Weekends at university are usually my least favourite part of the week. It's too expensive to go out as a student in Brighton and there's not a lot to do in the day time with no lectures or seminars. Today we've been into town to get some stationery, it's always exciting for me going into Brighton centre because of being from quite a small town back at home. In saying that, I'm going home next weekend which I'm looking forward to so much.

On the University side of things, I've bagged myself a couple of second hand textbooks which I would definitely recommend to other students if a newer edition of the book hasn't been issued. Somebody else's highlighting is also helpful to pick out key points for you and saves you doing some work.. Being a second year isn't great when there's such long gaps between lectures, bringing a phone charger is essential!

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