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I've been being really good with saving money lately on food shops, and I'm putting that down to actually going to the shops. I know as a fresher it's really hard to do a weekly shop and carry all the bags back from the bus stop- I almost gave up once climbing the hill to Northfield and was planning what items I could abandon.. And the temptation to get into the mindset that the delivery charges are basically the bus fare to the shop (which I admit I had) is really high. But online shopping does have it's drawbacks. Most supermarkets that I've tried have minimum spends and add a charge on to take you up to the minimum spend. So if you're not going to be spending a lot, it's so much better to just go to the shop. Another tip is to make a list AND stick to it. When I'm speeding round the supermarket with my trolley I think I'm rolling in money and pick up the most stupidest things that I would never think to buy normally, but if it's there and on a Roll Back.. Mental note to stop picking up posh yoghurts, always an anti-climax after watching the adverts, thank you to Nicole Scherzinger for that.

I had my first lot of seminars this week which is always nerve-wracking. It didn't start off too well, when I was asked for an interesting fact about myself all I could think of was: "Hi I'm Sophie, I like watching Netflix", which pretty much sums up my life. You never know whose going to be in your group so you don't know if you'll have a chatty person and can get away with sinking into the background or an annoyingly opinionated person which means a lot of eye rolling and heavy sighs. Also, you don't normally know what to expect from your seminar tutor unless you've had them before for a different seminar. Each tutor has different styles, I always hold a tiny grudge against the ones that pick on people.. Luckily, I knew at least one person in each of my seminars, and if you don't turn up without any prep, seminars go quite quickly. I always hate when other people turn up without preparing or the people who turn up super late for lectures, I cringe for them like when I watch an argument on Made In Chelsea.

One thing I have noticed about second year is that I feel more distanced from friends. It's really hard to socialise with friends (not including housemates obviously) outside of going clubbing. When I was on campus I'd just walk to other people's flats to watch a film or just to have a debrief with them (usually in my pyjamas).

Law point now, I definitely recommend participating in a competition regardless of what year you're in after my experience this week. I'm not really an outgoing person and honestly when I had to present a 5 minute PowerPoint in a seminar I couldn't sleep the night before.. But client interviewing has been really good for me, partly because it's not just you on your own so having a good partner makes it so much easier and less scary. If public speaking isn't really for you I'd recommend this over the mooting competition because it's much more focussed on people skills and so much less intimidating.

One final point, I managed to parallel park for the first time in my life! I literally jumped out the car and started running around like footballers do when they score a goal..

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