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I went to my first open day today at a legal firm after spending my first year at university being oblivious to how proactive law students and students that want a career in law have to be. Sussex has so many networking opportunities without being a London university, loads of the major firms go to the Careers Fair at the Amex and the law society also runs lots of networking events too. It's also great how close Brighton really is to London, my journey into central London today only took about an hour and a half door to door, so as long as you like trains, Sussex isn't too far away to isolate yourself from the top city law firms.

It was so useful going to at least one open day. It really calmed me down about the application process for not just a vacation scheme but also training contracts. Other talks that I have been to have put so much pressure on being amazing academically, volunteering across the world, having a gold Duke of Edingburgh award, being captain of various sports teams and also being super commercially aware about all aspects of the business world. In reality, law firms really aren't asking for the world from people, obviously they're looking for well rounded people but you can't portray yourself as something you're not. I'm hardly going to include my grade 3 clarinet exam in my application just to "stand out". It's also nice to visit a law firm's office just to see what you make of the surroundings, if you could cope with the intensity of a city firm's fast paced work ethic, if you can imagine sweating on the Underground in August in a business suit and if you can handle working until late at night securing an international deal.

I also applied for my first internship this week. It wasn't as long winded process as I expected considering the size of the firm that I have applied to work for for a year. It took quite a lot of thought to just apply, worrying about who I would live with when I came back for my fourth year, if I'd even get through to the interview stage as it's not a legal internhip and what if I didn't enjoy it and was stuck doing it for a whole year.

Finally, the first round of the client interviewing competition begins next week and I'm so nervous. I'm not one for improvising and thinking on my feet, so if we make it through to the second round I'll be so pleased. It's also something that can relate really well to skills that law firms are looking for, like communication and teamwork.

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