Pre-drink mishaps, workload, open day



We went to a pre-drinks on Wednesday not at our house which is always difficult for a girl. Getting ready on a time limit is always hard, me and my flatmates are normally rushing around spraying perfume one last time, straightening the fly away hairs or scrounging together cab money till the very last minute so having to get ready for 9 o'clock was tough. I filled a bottle of water with vodka to take to the party and rushed out the door. I was drinking quicker than everyone else and couldn't feel myself getting drunk at all. It wasn't until I came home later that I took a gulp of water from the bottle and realised that I'd been drinking water and lemonade all night..

We had to write our first essay this week. It was only an unassessed one and I'd 100% recommend doing these because it's like doing a mock, you can hopefully get some feedback before it really counts towards your grades. I'd completely forgotten how to reference law journal articles and quotes from cases. I'm so happy Sussex has now started phasing in online submissions, it'll be so much easier to hand work in when it's applicable to all years and all subjects.

In other news, I'm going to my first Law Open Day this Friday, which is hopefully a step in the right direction to add something to my CV. As a Law student it's important to attend open days to network with solicitors and barristers to further your own career and hopefully secure first a vacation scheme and then a training contract. I also went home this weekend for a party after first going out for Halloween at uni first.

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