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It won't be long till first years will have to decide who they want to live with next year and start trawling estate agent websites. After trying to run a household with my 3 other girl friends for the past month I'm going to try and give some useful hints as to what to look out for when viewing houses. Look at the appliances in the house; if the appliances are modern, our oven keeps cutting out and takes hours to cook anything. Check out transport close to your house, we're really lucky as we have London Road train station close by and a bus that goes to the university if necessary. Also, if like me you want to bring your car down in second year, look at parking availability because Brighton has a lot of permit parking areas and also it is primarily parallel parking, something I am horrific at.. I tried to fit into a parking space the other day (I only have a small Ford KA) and ended up being heckled by TWO separate van drivers before giving up and finding a spot miles from my house. If you can, find out who your neighbours are likely to be. Our neighbour last night kindly took a stereo out into their garden at 1AM.. Another essential is to check windows, ours are single glazed which means the house is colder and we can hear our not so nice neighbours louder. Finally, a lot of estate agents advertise rent on a weekly rate but obviously a month is usually 4 and a bit weeks, so work/find out how much monthly rent will actually be.

I'm feeling a bit worse for wear today after having a last minute wisdom tooth removal yesterday. This is my third wisdom tooth to be removed due to having a little dainty mouth and all I want is to be at home getting sympathy. Uni life isn't suited for being poorly, nobody is here to tend to me, I have to make my own hot drinks, prepare my own hot water bottle, and have to spoon myself. I currently look like a female version of the Elephant Man so I'm taking a leave of absence from the real world for the weekend. I'm looking forward to just vegitating in front of my laptop watching mind numbing comedies on Netflix. I'm the sort of person that hates the deep, complex films that critics rave about, preferring Disney classics or something involving Owen Wilson or Jennifer Aniston (hence why I still cry like a baby watching Marley And Me).

Lastly, we ended up at Pryzm again on Wednesday. Although it does make me feel so lazy when I see all the sports socials dressed up, it is such a good night out. Having all the different rooms means you don't get bored of the music, however it's like a maze, I always have to ask for directions to find the exit..

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