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So I'm going to start today by listing a few skills any prospective uni student needs to master before coming to uni, things that weren't on the entry requirements when applying for uni. Firstly, play a lot of Tetris before coming to uni, because when you open that bin lid and you know you should really empty the bin but you're just not feeling it, here comes the art of squeezing in your rubbish around the mound of rotting, mouldy waste. Ideally, do this when your housemates aren't around so you can join in with the disapproving tutting when someone finally empties the bin and the bag rips. Secondly, try and channel the peaceful protests, a la Gandhi. When there is a mountain of dirty washing waiting for you in the sink, resist the urge to write passive aggressive notes in the kitchen/ in your group chat, avoid leaving all the washing outside the culprit's bedroom, but don't give in and wash up everything or you'll morph into Monica from Friends. If you can, try and learn how to sleep even when it sounds like an airplane is landing in the next room, or if not, invest in a pair of ear plugs. Ear plugs were my best friends in Freshers year and have come in handy with noisy neighbours this year. Learn the art of napping, in the gaps between lectures skip merrily back to you room and squeeze a little nap into your day. If you're applying for Sussex uni, take up mountain climbing because you're going to need it, especially if you are applying for Brighthelm. That hill has definitely taken a few victims in it's time. And if you decide to do Law, good luck on the journey to the Freeman building, take pit stops, a bottle of water and possibly a sleeping bag. Finally, try and get into the mindset of only watching one episode at a time on Netflix. When the countdown begins to move onto the next episode, close the page and resist.


This weekend, we had visitors in our little household. Friends from home coming to visit is so fun, getting to have well overdue catch ups and taking them to places that have become the norm to you makes weekends at uni go so much quicker. Weekends at uni for me consist of spending all day in bed, showering then getting back into my pyjamas, movies with a cup of tea and a Yankee candle, and walks of shame to the corner shop for X Factor snack preparations. Weekends at uni should never be too strenuous, and especially in Brighton where going out on the weekend is so expensive, just stay in and be cosy!

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