7 Ways Uni Life relates to Disney



1. Stepping into your university accommodation to discover that the house is colder than outside, having to sleep with a blanket, snuggie, socks and a hoodie on is made slightly easier when you channel Elsa from Frozen and repeat the mantra "the cold never bothered me anyway" whilst being able to see your own breath..

2. Having to explain to your not so courteous housemates that in fact they are not Snow White and it wasn't the cute fluffy woodland animals that mopped up the sticky alcopop covered table and various crusty crockery, it was ME.

3. Feeling like Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries when you look at the transformation from how you look on nights out to the dragging yourself out of bed 15 minutes before a lecture starts and throwing on whatever piece of clothing smells least like damp.

4. Wishing you were like Peter Pan when having to tackle the washing machine and finding your clothes an hour later a few sizes smaller than when they entered the machine, discovering the inside of your chicken kiev still raw from your lack of cooking skills, or having to walk into town because neither you nor your Lost Boys of housemates want to book a cab.

5. Living your life like you're Pumba from Lion King: wearing a bra when it is only completely essential, only washing your hair after you've worn it up 2 days in a row, and all bodily functions are on the conversation list with your housemates.

6. Feeling like you've just met Lady whilst you're unfortunately the Tramp when a boyfriend/girlfriend/family member/a person with a tiny amount of compassion comes to visit and sees the emptiness of your cupboards, taking pity on you, and buying you a "cheeky" Nandos.

7. Resembling the Ugly Step-Sisters slightly more than you do Cinderella when you hop into a cab with lipstick and mascara smudged all over your face from getting too emotional toTaylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble in the club and clutching a doner kebab close to your heart.

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