Christmas at university



So because uni finishes early for Christmas it's always a bit strange to be celebrating the festive period by the end of November. Christmas at university involves buying cheap dodgy decorations and attempting to cook a full Christmas roast dinner with your flatmates that never quite live up to the sort of meals you eat at home with your family.

This year me and my flatmates planned a Secret Santa present swap that wasn't as secretive as we first planned- we caved and told each other who we were buying for minutes after drawing names out of a hat. This resulted in a three course meal at a lovely little pub and a selection of Disney themed presents for me. 

We went out in force last night in full Christmas themed fancy-dress for our friend's 21st birthday. This ended in drinking not so nice "Snow Balls", Frozen karaoke and drinking games loosely related to Christmas.

We also have the annual Winter Law Ball next week which cued mad prom dress shopping, scrimping for a ticket and learning to walk in heels I haven't worn since coming to university.

We made it to the semi-finals of the Client Interviewing competition and we helped out at the Criminal Advocacy competition which were both really good for law students as it develops the skills that you'll be using as a trained lawyer.

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