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We made it! We're on the home stretch of first term and I can't wait to go home and reap the home comforts for 6 weeks! This last week has been really eventful, I'm writing this nursing a wine hangover courtesy of the red wine splayed out on our table at the annual Law Ball. The lead up to the Ball was the most stressful thing, ordering three dresses via online shopping, which is obviously a bad idea because clothes never look true to the photos and you never look quite like the models. I was dashing round like a headless chicken booking a blow dry, trying to find a last minute pair of heels that I would be able to at least shuffle along in and trying to find some flattering fat pants, to which there are none. I don't know how Bridget Jones pulled Hugh Grant in a pair.. The Ball was so lovely, going out at university doesn't normally take much effort, heels are never a thing and in fact, in Brighton the more "indie" and forlorn you look the better, so it was nice to be able to wear a maxi dress and go all out. I also would like to mention that I won the raffle twice, which led to a celebratory lap around the ballroom shaking my fists in the air..


Prepping for the Ball made me realise that my housemates and I have got too close over this term. I didn't bat an eyelid at asking them to fake-tan my back multiple times, or running around in my underwear trying to borrow make up and bags off of them. Living in all girls house is amazing sometimes, basically just having one big collection of dresses, shoes and bags. But when you reach the point that slobbing out is acceptable it is definitely time to go home for a few weeks.


Last week of term is full of terrified students trying to make deadlines, saying goodbye for a few weeks and prepping to go home. A message to first years, make sure at least one of your housemates clears out the fridge, nobody wants to come back to cheesy milk and an array of green mouldy food items.

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