Second term of second year



Where did Christmas go? The Christmas holiday was blissful, not having any exams to revise for, thank god for assessed essays.. It took a while to get back into living at home, feeling bad for waking up late, feeling bad for fancying a different take-away each day and missing uni friends and Pryzm.. But it was all over too quick, now I'm back to cupboards full of carbs and hot drinks, waking up when it's still dark for 9am seminars (which should be banned, it's very hard to form a coherent point of view so early in the morning) and wearing multiple layers to bed to avoid a heavy heating bill. The first week of second term flashes by in a blur of showing off your Christmas presents, welcome back nights and lectures that definitely do not ease you back in to university even after 6 weeks of living life like I imagine a cat does (napping constantly and mooching about the house for food).

This week I've been on a 'Sh** Shirt' social with the Sociology Society and properly lost my 'The Haunt' virginity. I didn't realise how much of a good nightclub it was considering I've now been living in Brighton for over a year. If you want to go to a club that doesn't play current club mixes then I would definitely recommend. Any club that can go from 50 Cent to Nirvana is great in my eyes. Although, the pre-prepared Jager bombs were a bit ambiguous..

Also this week, I've been madly rushing to finish vacation schemes applications for law firms. Although I haven't really left it to the last minute, I've realised that a lot of my early application forms weren't the best. I can't stress enough the importance of proof reading after discovering a complete mis-type in one of my already submitted applications.

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