Three bouts of bad luck and a party to celebrate



So this week, I had my fair share of bad luck. First, I smashed my long serving phone's screen getting out of my car whilst parking on campus this week and had to fork out £100 to replace it. Then, I realised that in my stressed out, mind racing state I had drawn all over my coat that was on my lap in black biro. Finally, we was given notice this week that we would be forced to leave our house at the end of the lease because of a new landlord, which has really stressed all of us out as it's getting a bit late in the day to be finding houses, having to pay agency fees AND a deposit AND first month's rent, and the fact that we are 4 of the most picky and indecisive students ever. They do say bad luck comes in 3..

It's my birthday next week, so to celebrate turning 20 and my love of Disney, we held a Disney themed birthday party. Having house parties makes a nice change from going out to drink, being in the comfort of your own home, choosing your own music and not having to queue for a ridiculous amount of time waving a tenner in the barman's face and having to interpretive dance your drinks order. We gave out a bottle of highly coveted alcohol (Aldi's own Buck's Fizz) for the best dressed- and I have to admit that I gave a very gracious acceptance speech and chanelled the Spring Fling scene from Mean Girls, handing out little morsels of Buck's Fizz to other worthy winners.

Hoping for a better week next week, perhaps with birthday money to foot some of the house costs, although having to drag myself along to house viewings of mouldy, dingy houses might bring my mood down even further.

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