​Things to avoid doing in first year



Avoid annoying your housemates and other students

  1.  Stealing food- a big no when you don't know your housemates that well. Watching a housemate having to Sharpie a line of where their milk was at the last use was an extreme but wholly necessary precaution in stopping the food bandits. I've also heard someone legitimising the criminal act of thieving by calling certain refrigerated items as belonging to the whole household.
  2. Setting the fire alarm off- this is a worse problem in the block of flats type residences such as Northfield as one flat's fire alarm annihilated the whole block. The worst culprits are those who come home from nights out thinking it's a good idea to use the toaster or empty the fridge of all their processed food into a smoking frying pan, drawing unsuspecting students out into the cold in the most inappropriate nightwear known to man. 
  3. Leaving the kitchen a mess- walking into a messy kitchen, with all of your utensils covered in sticky, crusty, unknown edible matter is the worst feeling in the world. Conflicting feelings of not wanting to give in and wash up other people's stuff but also listening to the distant rumbling of your tummy. You don't want to be woken up by the cleaners refusing to tidy the kitchen or a grumpy email warning of a fine.
  4. Leaving washing in the laundrette- there is nothing worse than heaving a load of washing across the treacherous terrain of the Sussex campus and getting your hopes up seeing the finished light on the washing machines to find that someone has left their damp washing in the machine and having to wait around politely for the owner to return, not daring to speak up other than a quite huff and puff.
  5. Don't make up elaborate lies in Freshers- it seems a really good idea to make yourself seem more interesting or agreeing with someone's gap year story to make it seem like you have something in common, but when you have to keep this lie going for the rest of your degree, it can go really badly.
Avoid annoying staff
  1. Annoying the porter- just because your Asos delivery swears that they delivered your parcel 5 hours ago, if the porter says it's not with them, you take that as law. If you don't have a delivery notice sitting patiently in your flat's post box, that parcel is being kidnapped until the porter is ready to hand it over, so don't pester.
  2. Eat in the library- as much as a hallowed spot on the Spotted Sussex: Student Library Facebook page may seem worth channeling your Prison Break-ness to smuggle food into the library, the repercussions when a security guard pounces on you in the Silent Area, making a real scene.

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