Things second years do and do not miss about first year



1. Rolling out of bed 10 minutes before a lecture/seminar starts and still making it looking moderately acceptable.

2. Being able to go back to your flat inbetween lectures to nap, watch Netflix or cook your own lunch without being sucked into the oh so delicious but pricey campus paninis.

3. Spending £3.50 on transport on a night out- rather than weighing up how many double vodka and cokes/cheesy chips you can consume whilst still having money for a cab home, keeping hold of a crisp 25 bus return in your clutch bag meant budgeting in the clubs went out the window.

4. Bills included in your accommodation- once the money had been taken out of your account, what was left of your student loan was your own precious money. Fancy the radiator on and your window open? Go for it, you're only adding to your Carbon Footprint after all not adding to your outgoings.

5. Seeing friends from other flats regularly- second year can get quite lonely, having to physically arrange meeting up with friends from other houses rather than just appearing on their doorstep with a Co-Op meal deal and your Netflix log-in.

6. Feeling like you're part of a community- walking round a sunny campus is just great, and campus feels like a little village with all the essential ammenities. So long as you don't mind bumping into people you may have thrown up on outside of East Slope on a Skint night, or someone whose ideas you shot down in a previous seminar, living on campus is bliss.

7. Porter life- rather than living your life cooped up in your bedroom constantly refreshing the follow my parcel page, you can live your life and the campus porters will sign for your deliveries. Go forth and devote your student loan to Asos!


1. Walking up the Brighthelm hill- this activity might have been good for your heart but it left victims catching their breath for 5 minutes after the steep incline with a dewy forehead.

2. Spending all your money in the Co-Op- picking up the odd bits of shopping on the rare hours second years are on campus isn't a sin, but walking past the shop everyday on campus and picking up some brilliantly reduced and strategically placed custard doughnuts whilst waiting innocently in the queue all adds up.

3. Being woken up in the middle of the night- whether it's a flat party next year playing awfully cheesy pop music or passively inhaling the fumes in your sleep from the smokers outside the blocks of halls of residence, getting a good night's sleep is one of the perks of moving off campus.

4. Being closer to town- Brighton town centre seems like miles away on campus, especially when thinking about how long you seem to wait outside the Amex stadium so being in a second year house makes it less of a chore to go into town for touristy things or just shopping.

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