Things that you should have been taught before university



1. How to change a lightbulb- after a very testing week at university I was sat in my bedroom and the lightbulb went out, to which I had to call my mum to find out how to get the bulb out of the fitting.

2. How to use a washing machine- the amount of times I sat in the laundrette last year and heard groans of other first years who had started the washing machine without adding a washing tablet.

3. How to budget- getting your first installment of student loans and working it out against how many dresses from Asos it balances out to be and resisting the temptation to buy everyone a round of drinks in Freshers week is a real art.

4. How to think for yourself- university learning is so much different to sixth form and college, you don't get 'spoon fed' the answer and are expected to have your own opinions on things.

5. How to do chores- unless you can master the art of drying and strategically folding your clothes so as to avoid ironing or eating off of paper plates to avoid washing up, learning to do household chores is an essential.

6. How to manage vehicles at university- be it a broken down car or a punctured tyre, avoiding calling up responsible adults and handling it yourself without being charged stupid amounts at garages is something anyone with their own car or bike at university need to know.

7. How to judge your food- once you've mastered how to actually cook a meal, it takes a keen eye to judge if food is out of date or fully cooked or just completely unsafe to eat.

8. How to wake yourself up in the morning- having nobody lovingly waking you up/shaking your lifeless body shouting that you're going to be late means having to get used to waking up to a shrill alarm tone and resisting the urge of pressing the snooze button.

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