Being a First Generation Scholar at Sussex



Being made aware of financial support opportunities really helped me to decide what university to attend. I knew that I was already going to be bogged down with £9000 a year tuition fees, knew that I'd be paying a high rental rate in Halls because I wanted an ensuite- something that I wasn't prepared to budge on- and had been filled with dread by the painstakingly tedious process that comes with applying for Student Finance.

Attending the Finance talk with my mum on the Sussex open day back in September when I was still just looking around universities to gain a sense of what kind of university I wanted to go to and where I wanted to live, really helped not only to calm my financial worries but also really provided an incentive of looking seriously into studying at Sussex. Financially, being a first generation scholar at Sussex meant that I could afford to live in ensuite accommodation, and not rely on my parents as much for subsidising my student loan. 

But, being a first generation scholar at Sussex isn't just about financial help. I have had so many opportunities made available to me through the first generation scholar network such as work experience, shadowing roles and paid internships. These opportunities have proved invaluable and makes me so proud of attending the University of Sussex.

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