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Richmond (Engineering 2) Cafe Closing!



Hey guys,

If you don't know already, the cafe in Richmond (Old Engineering 2) is being closed down by the University! This is due to it not fitting in with the University's financial plan of taking control of all the cafes around campus to make money from them. Therefore, any cafe that is independent, such as the Coffee Workshop Cafe in Richmond, is being shut down because if it remains open it will be "stealing" the University's customers!

I happen to know that the Coffee Workshop Cafe provides many of the staff and students of not only the Engineering Dept, but all its other visitors with brilliant freshly made sandwiches, cakes and the most amazing crepes and galettes! Also it serves the best coffee on campus, freshly ground from beans roasted locally by Red Roaster. It’s not just the food that makes this cafe special, it’s also the character, which if you ask me the new cafe in Arts has a severe lack of!

I urge you to at least pay a visit to this wonderful cafe and try one of the awesome galettes (cheddar, chorizo, onion and garlic being my favourite!) before it is forced out. Also, if you have any ideas on how to save this little gem, I'm sure the owners Arnold and Judy will be happy to hear your thoughts.



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