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How to improve your academic performance?



Academia is concerned with finding the links between the values of how exercise can enhance the academic performance of a student. What this report will be assessing is whether the introduction of yoga has any effect towards one's academic performance, and whether there really is any science behind yoga’s ability to help improve your academic performance. A staggering ¼ students in university are said to be dealing with mental health problems.[1] Yoga although originally introduced for the purpose of building strength and fitness has also been used as a mechanism that can now be used as stress reliever for students undergoing the pressures of meeting deadlines and taking exams. Yoga helps releases a hormone known as oxytocin which is said to give individuals feelings of tranquillity and happiness and helps towards bringing down stress levels, for students undergoing the stresses that come along with university yoga has notable evidence of helping individuals feel happy and less stressed out. So when it comes to those dreaded deadlines and exam period introduce a little bit of yoga into your life so you “Namaste” those stresses away.

Most of us experiencing the demands of higher education are consumed with the need to meet deadline after deadline and with growing pressures that have not only affected our academic performance, but are sleeping levels. Students are recommended a daily dosage of 8-9 hours of sleep, but we all know that none of us are getting that! [1]Sleep deprivation affects our overall performance because let’s face it when we’re sleep deprived the only thing we can focus on is sleep and students are probably depriving themselves of it because of the heavy pile load of work waiting for them. An interesting factor to consider regarding sleep deprivation is its connections to other chronical diseases such as: depression, stress and anxiety.[2] Some of the key factors to mental health that students are currently undergoing at the moment. Yoga has proven to help those facing chronic insomnia, researchers at Harvard University Medical School in Boston did a study of 20 participants who underwent a research task of eight weeks where they introduced yoga before the sleeping pattern to look at how it affected their sleep and wake pattern. The result of this study found that participants showed a significant improvement to their sleep pattern and what it also proved was that Yoga could be used as a method for helping treat sleeping disorders.

Yoga isn’t really considered much of a man’s sport, and to be honest I wasn’t fond of the idea at the beginning, but there are some perks besides being able to showcase my talents off to the ladies! I opted for a manlier take whilst on reading week London for the summer. Which is where I discovered Bikram Yoga it’s anything from your typical yoga. It’s hot and sweaty everything that all guys aspire to be I whilst exercising. To be honest I felt a bit intimidated by the strength of the women I was up against I could barely stand up straight let alone any of the other stuff they were doing, but they never once made me feel intimidated enough to stop attending classes. If anything their strength motivated me to come more. The improvement and discipline Bikram introduced in my life was beyond imaginable. Health became a part of me there was no more lounging like a couch potato and more of eating heathier, sleeping better and disciplining my time to studies. I was more alert which meant digesting information was easier I was no longer carrying bags under my eyes because of lack of sleep, I felt like I could take on the world because yoga became part of my lifestyle and it was implanting  this discipline into my life. I wasn’t procrastinating life anymore but getting things done for here and now,  Bikram helped change my life and that’s why I want to share it with you!

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