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How are websites built to compliment business goals?



My girlfriend has recently been doing some extensive research into beauty and aesthetic clinics as she wants to treat herself to a beauty treatment. As a result, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different beauty websites and combined with my work on my computing for digital media course, it got me thinking. After seeing the various websites for clinics in the beauty industry, all with a bunch of different components, I’m interested in looking at exactly how the websites are built to compliment business goals, particularly in the beauty industry. 

The way a website is developed is deliberate and will often correlate with the company’s business goals. We are going to take a first look at how certain industries use their websites for driving leads and giving targeted information to potential customers.  Every business has the goal of turning a profit but how you get to generating revenue through a website can be very different.  Firstly, we are going to take a look at the beauty industry, examining 3 clinics in the industry. The beauty industry is a niche market that relies on building customer confidence in their products. This can be done in a number of ways, although the most common are the promise of spectacular results.

HC MedSpa

HC MedSpa, a chain of beauty clinics based in London, are the first company in the industry that we are going to examine. They have multiple clinics located around London and have been practising in the beauty industry since 1993. By implementing important marketing strategies such as multiple calls to actions on the site, HC MedSpa has built their website with their business goals in mind. Call to actions are used primarily to provoke an immediate response from the client. HC MedSpa has used multiple calls to actions around their website, further enticing the audience to engage in their business. A lead submission form at the forefront of the site is another technique HC MedSpa use to make the potential customer aware of the availability of booking treatments instantly through their website. Another design feature used by HC MedSpa are the segmented drop down menus. By incorporating this element into the design, it becomes easier for the user to navigate around the website and clearly select the specific treatment they want. The business relies on obtaining customer details so that they can reach out and guide them to the right information tailored to the prospective customer.


The second clinic we will be looking at is Harley Street – MD. Another beauty clinic situated in Central London, Harley Street MD specialise in aesthetics, rejuvenation and wellness. The website is striking from the off-set, with rotating images in place to boost business results. Call to action phrases combined with striking, bold images are an effective way to entice the audience and aid the business strategy through web development.  Harley Street MD also feature a lead submission form on their site, however, it is not directly in front of the client’s eyes as they land on the website, forcing the client to scroll to find what they are looking for. There is a very clear customer journey constructed through the Harley Street MD website, with treatments for men and women separated and prominent on the landing page, allowing for an easier customer journey for all of their clients.


Centros Unico is the final aesthetic clinic we are going to look at. Centros are an international business, with clinics situated across the UK, specifically in London, the midlands, the north and Scotland. Although Centros are the most wide-spread business out of the 3 clinics, the features on their website are a little outdated, with heavy chunks of text presenting readability issues. The submission form is hidden deeper in the website rather than on the landing page which could cause potential problems for their business strategy as the client has to route deeper into the site to contact the business. Centros Unico also features a set of rotating images on their landing page, sliding between current deals they have on. These images are carefully placed to instantly make the client aware of current deals, provoking a higher conversion rate


By using web development to tailor your website to having the ultimate user experience, you can attract new business and capture business that you perhaps might have lost without a well-structured, purposeful website. It is apparent that regardless the size of your company or how many clinics you have, this does not correlate to the web development aspect. Optimising web development for business purposes is especially relevant as an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use website is vital for attracting and retaining valuable customers, particularly in the beauty industry. The websites usually reflect the vanity aspect of the industry, with deals featuring as a prominent part of each website.

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