The following is a list of frequently asked questions, please contact the Web Team: webteam@sussex.ac.uk if you can't find answers to a query or issue you have regarding SPLASH.

What is SPLASH?

This is the first beta release of SPLASH and we hope you find it a useful tool for both social and learning activity. SPLASH is an acronym for Students Personal Learning and Social Homepages where students (and Staff members) can:

  • ▪ pull in content from University systems and external websites into personal dashboard and profile web pages
  • ▪ view other students’ profile and blog pages
  • ▪ access a personal blog facility
  • ▪ choose from a variety of templates
  • ▪ subscribe to various news feeds including USSU news and part time jobs
  • ▪ link to Study direct courses and forums
  • ▪ create a personal contacts list
  • ▪ search for students with similar interests

More information about SPLASH and how it was developed can be found on the SPLASH project website.

How can I join SPLASH?

To join simply login with your Sussex username and password (top right of this page) and follow the online instructions.

Why use SPLASH when Facebook is around?

SPLASH is unique in that it offers the opportunity to aggregate external content from websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr with university held information such as timetables or course lists.

Is SPLASH funded by the University?

SPLASH is a JISC funded project.