Your account

Account settings can be changed in SPLASH to suit individual requirements. The following outlines how you can change your account settings:

Initial account setup and privacy settings

You can set up an account in SPLASH by either joining via the online registration form in Sussex Direct or by entering your Sussex ITS account details in the login box at the top right of this page and then following the online instructions.

Change the default privacy setting on your course list and profile page

By default your name will be visable to other students who are on your courses. If you have not joined SPLASH and wish to change this please contact the Web Team: Once you have joined SPLASH you can change this and other privacy settings by navigating to Settings and then Privacy. Fig 1 shows the page where you can choose the privacy settings that best suit you.

Fig 1
image showing screenshot of privacy settings

Change the default permission setting on widgets

As well as allowing users to change permissions on course lists and profile pages, SPLASH allows users to change permissions on individual widgets on profile pages. Refer to the help page on profiles for information on widgets.

You can change the default by navigating to Settings and then Privacy and then changing to the setting of your choice. Fig 2 shows the default setting and various options. You can change individual permission settings on widgets once you have added one, for example you might want a particular widget viewed by a select course group or only your contacts list, refer to the help page on profiles for information on how to do this.

Fig 2
image showing screenshot of default permissions settings on widgets

Change the default template

To allow users to personalise SPLASH, the default template can be changed. To do so navigate to Settings and then Template and choose from the selection of templates available.