Your blog

NB: please be considerate when writing a blog post. What may not offend you may offend others.

Add a basic blog post.

Step 1. Navigate to Blog and then Add a new blog post.

Fig 1
image showing addnew blog post tab


Step 2. Add a title and content to you blog post in the relevant fields.

Fig 2
image showing add new blog interface


Step 3. Add tags to your blog. This will help people find your post via searching and help yourself with the management of your blogs.

Step 4. Select the permission settings to your blog post.

Step 5. Select the status of your blog post; you may not want to publish immediately.

Step 6. Select whether or not you want comments to be added to your blog post. Comments can only be added by logged in members of SPLASH. If you choose ‘allow comments’, other comments will be automatically published.

Amend or delete a blog post

Choose the edit post or delete post link to amend or delete existing posts.

Fig 2
image showing amend and delete blog post tabs

Search your blog posts

You can search your blog posts via the tags you have given your blogs shown in ‘Tag cloud’ or the date shown in the ‘Archive list’.

Add an image to your post using Imgur.

  • Go to the Imgur website.
  • Click on the Computer icon in the top right, select your image file and click on Start upload.
  • Copy the link to the image from the Direct link box.
  • Go into Splash and edit your blog or create a new blog.
  • In the Content editor position your cursor where you want to place the image.
  • Click on the Insert/Edit image icon (picture of tree) and paste in the url of the image in the url field.
  • Add an image description and click on Insert.