Your dashboard

Your dashboard is only seen by yourself. This is where you can add widgets for your own use such as a news feed, Study Direct course feed, timetable feed or latest part-time jobs feed from CDEC.

Add a widget to your dashboard

Step 1. Navigate to Dashboard and then Add a widget.

Fig 1
image showing add widget


Step 2. Select a widget from the drop-down list and choose from the settings (if any shown). You can change the settings again once the widget is added.

Fig 2
image showing widget drop down list


Step 3. Drag the widget into position by clicking on the widget title and holding the mouse key down (left hand mouse key on a PC).

Fig 3
image showing widget positioning

Change the settings on a widget

Once added to your dashboard, you can change the individual widget settings by selecting the spanner icon located in the widget header and entering the settings of your choice. Each widget will have a different setting configuation, instructions for each will be given within the widget.

Fig 4
image showing widget setting

Delete a widget from your dashboard

To delete a widget from your dashboard, select the red delete icon located in the widget header, see Fig 4 above. The widget can be added again if desired.