SPLASH Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is kept under review and is likely to be updated and amended as the SPLASH system is put into active use from September 2008. Users will be informed of any substantial change to the policy.

The intention of the following acceptable use policy is to establish an environment where freedom of speech and expression can co-exist with a responsible, mature, non-offensive or harassing attitude to publishing information on line and engagement in on line discussion.

Content ownership and responsibility

Content on blogs or any information sourced from outside of the University is largely the responsibility of the owner. There may be some cases where content produced by staff for an official purpose is the responsibility of the University and owned by the University but in general ownership and responsibility belongs to the individual.

The University, however, reserves the right to remove any content on SPLASH which contravenes this acceptable use policy.

NB: What you produce on SPLASH will not be part of any assessment of your academic performance - unless you are asked specifically (eg using blogs for assignments).


The University can monitor content on the SPLASH system, but will not generally do so. This will mean that the system administrators will be largely unaware of content produced or brought into the system. We will therefore rely on individuals to inform the University if they see anything which contravenes this acceptable use policy.

Complaint procedure

If a complaint is made content may be taken off the SPLASH system if it is deemed unacceptable and contravenes this acceptable use policy. In most cases the University will simply ask the content owner to take off the contravening content but in extreme cases the administrator will do so without the owner’s consent.

All complaints should be sent to the Web Team: webteam@sussex.ac.uk.


The University has no wish to take a heavy-handed approach to content in SPLASH. However, all students should be aware that their participation in SPLASH remains subject to relevant codes of acceptable conduct, and the University reserves the right to take appropriate action if the provisions of any the following codes and policies are broken:

  • Harassment and Bullying Policy
  • Student Discipline
  • Any use of the SPLASH system which contravenes the Regulations for the Use of Computers and Computer Networks or Code of Practice for Publishing Information on Electronic Networks will result in the complaints procedure being applied. You should remain conscious of the normal legal parameters to publishing your views, especially with regard to defamation and libel laws, and be aware of IT network security issues. This includes the following:
    • Causing harassment to others
    • Producing or using content which is malicious or intended to defame or offend others
    • Engage in criminal activity (this could include revealing via a blog information about illegal download websites or similar)
    • Display information which may cause offence or be illegal such as adding pornographic, libellous, racist, or discriminatory material
    • Inserting code into blog posts or widgets which has a detrimental effect on the system or other University IT systems
    • Users must be a member of the University and use their own IT account. Users must not allow others to use their IT accounts to add content or engage in any way with the SPLASH system
    • Users should be aware of copyright and intellectual property right issues and are responsible for not including materials which are copyrighted. Information on copyright can be found in the Records and Information management website
    • Advertising of external companies is not allowed in SPLASH
  • It is advisable for users to read the above regulations before using the SPLASH system. The regulations can be found on the Web Team’s website

Please remember you are legally responsible for content you create or bring into SPLASH.