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USSU news
First issue of Sussex Review online journal released

The first issue of the Sussex Review is now available online featuring essays on a wide range of topics submitted by students.

Student Reps lead the way in Reporting Back

Student Reps from four schools of study at Sussex have created reports assessing the performance of their schools of study over the last academic year...

Statement on the Government’s Higher Education Green Paper

The Students’ Union Executive Committee, comprised of all ten Elected Officers, believe a policy document recently released by the Government, known...

Students’ Union Executive condemns the government’s 'Prevent' agenda

The Students' Union Executive opposes the 'Prevent' duty, part of the Government's new Counter Terrorism and Security Act, and strongly believe in fos...

Sexual Harassment and Violence Report Published

Trigger Warning: Sexual violence, sexual harassment, rape. The Students’ Union has published the findings of its report into students’ experience...

What kind of Vice-Chancellor do Sussex students want?

Following a consultation period with students and staff, on 3 December the University began to advertise the new Sussex Vice-Chancellor’s job. Throu...

Fire alarm safety system for deaf students announced

Hearing impaired students, staff and visitors can now opt into a text-messaging service to alert them when a fire alarm is going off in a building the...

Sussex shortlisted for international student support award

The University of Sussex has been highly commended for its arrival and welcome programme for new international students.

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University news
Sussex student named new National Disability Arts Collection and Archive Chair

Jon Pratty will balance the new role with study for MA in Cultural and Creative Industries at the University

Business school changes name

The School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) has changed its name to University of Sussex Business School with immediate effect.

Business school changes name

The School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) has changed its name to University of Sussex Business School with immediate effect.

Business school changes name

The School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) has changed its name to University of Sussex Business School with immediate effect.

Campus improvement works - impacts on roads and parking

This update gives an indication of works planned in the coming week and how these might affect you.

Modules and rockers: Sussex campus plays host to 2018 edition of Brighton Modular Meet

One of the largest events of its kind brings together synth experimenters from Brighton and beyond in collaboration with Brighton Modular Sessions.

Brighton & Hove: where do they get their energy from?

200 years after the city's first energy company was founded, an event will explore how future energy policy can benefit those in Brighton and beyond.

Knights Gate car park opens

The Knights Gate car park opens to drivers on Monday 18 June at 8.30am and will offer around 60 new spaces for permit or pass holders.

Research ads

Team of filmmaking students producing a documentary on the history of sexual violence on campus at Sussex.If you have an experience or story that you would like to contribute to this project we would love to hear from you/further discuss the project. And we will handle all sensitive and personal information in the exact capacity that you decide on. One of our key aims is to ensure this documentary is an empowering experience for all survivors of sexual violence and harassment.
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We are running a storybook and word learning study and are looking for children aged between 39 and 45 months (born between October 2014 and April 2015). This study will involve listening to stories and playing a game pointing to some pictures at the University of Sussex. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know :) email: or phone: 07469237313 Thank you!
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MASTERS DISSERTATION RESEARCH on the everyday emotional experiences and behaviours of men with high-functioning autism and how these may relate to cultural ideas around masculine and neuro-normative emotionality. Looking to interview self-identified men aged 18+ years living in and around Sussex, currently either employed/studying/recently graduated, and who are diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Participation is voluntary and a token of £10 is offered as a thank you for participation.
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Does the brain change as a result of cognitive training? We are looking for healthy participants between the ages of 40 and 50. Taking part involves 1-hour training sessions, up to 3 times a week, for up to 8 weeks, playing memory and other brain games. Your brain will be scanned during 2 sessions in an MRI scanner for 1 hour while you perform brain games. Upon completion, we will pay £100 for your time and we will offer you a picture of your brain.
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The initial questionnaire will take between 15 and 30 minutes and is on metacognition and schizotypy and will take 15-30 minutes. The final part of the research will be a training session and a few more questionnaires that can be done in person or over skype and will take 30 minutes. Inclusion criteria: • 18+ • No current mental health issue • Have no history of a diagnosis of psychosis By taking part, you will be entered into a draw to win one of two £25 prizes.
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