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ESW - CTGF - Finally Getting in The Groove




A much improved week for most of our team this is without doubt due to the enthusiastic encouragement from Aoife and Rebecca.

Our hard core circuit king David sprinkled his weekly diet of exercise with a taste volleyball.

I've had to knock spin on the head until after my stupid run because it seems to aggravate my back but I hope replacing it with a metabolic class will continue to strengthen my core and help me keep upright during the event.

Aoife and Rebecca recruited Julia to join them for Zumba and I managed to blag a last minute spot at Ria's metabolic session to join all 3 of them . Hanging from the TRX trainer proved entertaining and all 4 of us emerged from the class feeling ready to do battle with the day.

Both Aoife and Rebecca are thinking ahead and planning Sussexsport is for life, not just for May!

Unfortunately our weekly walk has just not happened and the nearest thing to a new vegetable I have tried this week is a miso soup..I can report it was disgusting!