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You are all inspiring!



I had the pleasure today of giving a presentation at an Inside Government forum in London on Workplace Health... I was the last speaker of a long but informative day...I spent a good part of my presentation waxing lyrical about Commit to Get Fit and what a great initiative it is has been and is proving to be.  I spoke about how inspired the team at Sussexsport has been by your enthusiasm, your creativity in coming up with some great individual and team challenges for the month, your willngness to share your experiences by blogging and your support for each other on Splash.  I spoke about how genuinely touched I have been by some of your stories, impressed with your determination and have a go attitude, and in some cases courage..  I am also getting a continually growing sense of what a great vehicle for team building (and productivity), improved interdepartmental relations and having some much welcomed fun this month is proving to be.    

I eventually escaped home after writing down my email and contact details for some of the audience who kindly stayed with me to the end and wanted to talk more! (can never remember to pack those business cards!!)...I think you may all have inspired a few more CTGF challenges around the please give yourself a pat on the back for that too!

1/2 way tomorrow .....looking forward reading the 1/2 way reflections!