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Hello, 2009!



Okay, so I'm very aware I haven't been the best at updating this blog...but I will be better this year, promise!

So I'll give you a little update for the moment. I got through finals last quarter, and was glad to be done with it all, to be honest! Got my room assignment (which was my first choice, so I was happy) and moved in just before I flew home for Christmas. Christmas at home was lovely; so good to catch up with friends and family, was busy and loved every minute of it. Spent new year in Brighton and it was so lovely to be back, but made me miss it lots, great as Seattle is!

I got back to Seattle on the 6th January and was quite nervous but excited to be coming back, as although I'd been living here months already it was almost a fresh start in a way; for that which I was grateful, but it was also a little scary! Having a roommate is daunting for someone living in the UK, who's used to always having a single room.  But it's the way of life here so I thought I'd better experience it...and after sharing the loft with 25 other girls I didn't think it would be hard...I'd never met anyone that had a problem either. And luckily, my roommate is lovely, and respectful, so I'm very happy! Where I am living it's kind of like a flat with four double rooms and a shared lounge and bathroom which is nice, and all the other girls I'm living with are lovely. So, finally, my housing issues are solved!

I'm taking three English classes this quarter: contemporary poetry, which is great--more like lectures which reminds me of the UK so I like it, and also I love poetry and we're doing Sylvia Plath, so I'm very happy; gender studies literature, which is amazing--my tutor's very funny and enthusiastic and all the stuff we're studying is really interesting; and Shakespeare after 1600, which is great--obviously I love Shakespeare, and it's nice to go back to him after not having studied him for a while; I find him very comforting! So it's all opposed to last quarter, I'm actively enjoying all my courses! Plus, I have a better timetable and a much less hectic work yay!

2008 wasn't the best year for me, and I certainly didn't have the best start in Seattle...but so far 2009's been amazing and luck seems to finally be on my side--long may it continue!