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Commit to Get Fit- Let week 2 commence!



Everyone at SHORE-C is ready to roll (not because we have eaten too many cakes) with week two of commit to get fit.

We have all enjoyed the long weekend and the beautiful weather that came with it. However there is no rest for the wicked and we did not let the fact that it was the weekend stop us from committing!

Our newest team member Lucy had a go at a post workout selfie, after completing a 6km cycle and 3km on the cross trainer!!


 Meanwhile I enjoyed my bank holiday weekend with a beautiful walk over the Sussex Downs




With views like this is can't be that hard to commit to getting outside can it?!

We have all sorts going on in the unit this week from trampolining to handball so will keep you updated (perhaps some more selfies if you are lucky!)

Good Luck to everyone this week

Love the Belles of SHORE-C xx 











Let week 4 commence!



Good Luck for week 4 everybody and fingers crossed the sunshine is here to stay a little while longer!

Love the Belles of SHORE-C xx

Calling all CTGFers! Have a look at what SHORE-C got up to during week 3



Last week was a very energetic one for SHORE-C with people flying off all over the place to take full advantage of the different sports on offer!

Some of the team went off to give handball a go which was so much fun and definitely brought out our competitive sides! It was brought out in some more than others but I am not naming any names (Helena).

We enjoyed it so much that me and Lucy have put our names down for week 4!


I returned to the volleyball court last week, accompanied by Lucy and Val who were newbies.

I wouldn't say we were naturals at volleyball, more often than not we were trying to bounce the ball on the floor (perhaps we'd be amazing at basketball, who knows?) but it was such good fun.




Team member Sue has been joining in with the spinning classes 2 to 3 times a week, including Terry’s gruelling sessions! As if that wasn't enough cycling, last week Sue purchased a lovely new bike! This means commit to get fit can continue on, long after it officially finishes!

Here is Sue giving a YIPPEE for commit to get fit!



Committing at the weekend can be hard but Val and Lesley took part in a golf Charity event to raise money for the heart foundation at Waterhall.

Here is a picture of how windy it was for them on the golf course last weekend!




Mean while Kathryn took part in a 3 hour Zumbathon to raise money for the Lily Foundation. We went charity mad last week!

'The zumbathon was fun and the time went very fast but I must confess to needing a short afternoon nap a couple of hours after it finished!'

Well done Kathryn!


Me and Lucy did not let the rain get the better of us last week. We ran around in the pouring rain for an hour, slipping and sliding everywhere (whilst attempting to throw a frisbee). We enjoyed it so much and have signed up to give it a go again today. As you can see the sun is shining so no sopping wet clothes for us today!

Here is a picture of us completely drenched, but still smiling!



 Here is Lucy showing how committed she is with her dry to wet trouser leg!


Good luck for week 4 everybody and lets hope the sun is here to stay! Smile


The Belles of Shore-C xx


Commit to Get Fit- The final blog from SHORE-C



So commit to get fat fit has come to an end (BOOOOO) and we have loved taking part in all the different activities that were on offer throughout May!

Last week Sue, Val and Lucy gave a HOOP HOOP HOORAY Laughing for commit to get fit and took part in the hooping session.

Here is Sue spinning so fast you can't see the hoop, what a natural!



They all managed to acquire some bruising along the way (which just shows how committed they all were!)

I enjoyed the sunshine (it's hard to believe looking out of the window at the moment!) last week with a lovely doggy walk.



And spent lots of time in the great outdoors with my feathery friends!



Val and Lesley spent last week playing golf at Gleneagles. Here is Lesley admiring the view


I also booked a badminton court and had a go with my friends one evening, although we did spend most of the time chatting as we were running around- maybe this counts as extra exercise as we were doing two things at once? 

Here is our post chat/badminton session photo!

SHORE-C Belle Kathryn was meant to take part in the boundary run which was unfortunately cancelled but luckily she completed it during the running session earlier this month. Extra points go to her for completing her goal early!

On Sunday Angela went for a 3 hour (8 miles) walk up on the downs at Wilmington and DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT (she did) enjoy two hours in the pub afterwards- well deserved I say!


As well as taking part in a range of activities- eating habits have started to change within the unit as well.

Here is some photographic evidence just in case no one believes me


We have all enjoyed commit to get fit month so much and have loved having a go at all the different activites. Here are some comments from members of the commit to get fit SHORE-C team!

"Fun, great opportunity to try new ways to get fit and join in as a team" Belle Val

"I thought it was an excellent way to introduce us to different sports that we may never have tried or get the chance to try. Also a good introduction to getting fit in a fun way! The talks were good and informative too." Belle Angela

"Great way to try out new and old sports, and feel those muscles. Talks interesting too: I never knew that there’s fat in a cucumber (impossible thought it was 100% water), although food shopping takes twice as long with checking out all these labels Frown." Belle Helena

“I loved the introduction to activities I wouldn’t usually do in my everyday efforts to keep fit, such as the hooping which was great fun with Lara!” Belle Sue


Thank you for giving us the oppourtunity to give everything a go! It has allowed us to get up and moving together and was so much fun!

Love the belles of SHORE C xx