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The Web Team @ the dConstruct conference @ Brighton Dome.....



Hi folks.....I don't know how you are all feeling on today, the dreaded Monday - but thought I would get online some thoughts about me and the Web Team's visit to the dConstruct Conference last Friday.

After having arrived at around 09:15hours at the Brighton DOME, it was a typical meet and greet with coffee, orange juice and tea - the classic refreshers before having a little walk about the place to see what was being displayed in the foyer. The main sponsors were there alongside my old company - which was great as it was a nice opportunity to catchup with a few people whom I hadn't seen in years Laughing. Lunch was good - having eat with the team at Gourmet Burger Kitchen - which are really nice burgers!!!

There were a fair number of speakers organised for the day, but to be honest, I think the most interesting & enjoyable were the following:

Leveraging Cognitive Bias in Social Design - by Joshua Porter

Playing the Web (how gaming makes the internet [and the world a better] place) - Aleks Krotoski

Designing for Interaction - Daniel Burka

Designing for the Coral Reef - Matt Jones & Matt Biddulph

The conference speakers covered a wide array of concepts and areas - and it was fair to say that the consensus within the entire group was that Aleks Krotoski had the most interesting presentation - talking about gaming and the Experience Economies - the different systems within these economies as Controlled Systems/Enabling Systems & Psychological Systems. I won't go into her talk into too much detail here, as shortly the conference site will upload the talks as podcasts here.

I do employ you to check regularly on the podcasts page - as you will no doubt enjoy some of the points put forward by some of these individuals - a combination of practitioners and academics in the field of social interactivity and design.

Finally, having moved on into Brighton for a few drinks and then onto the Yahoo Developers sponsored Free Bar at Audio - you can imagine how the evening concluded! Yes Jack, I,m also referring to you! Tongue out