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Black History Month History Lunch




I just chaired the first Black History Lunch and can't imagine a better way to start.  Students from a variety of departments and from first year undergraduates to recently completed Dphil students joined faculty to hear Zoe Hyman (American Studies) and Ian Macqueen (History), both 3rd year Dphil students, present their research.  Ian talked about his research on Black Conciousness, Radical Christianity and the New Left in South Africa from 1967-1976.  Laying out a complex set of interactions and oppositions for us, Ian provided some very useful insights on the role of universities and students in supporting and challenging the black conciousness and liberation movements.  Ian's research was complimented by Zoe's paper on 'A Partnership of Supremacy: White Resistance to Racial Reform in the American South and South Africa'.  Zoe set up a dialogue between the contexts of white supremecy in the American South and South Africa in a cold war context where fear of black liberation and the fear of the rise of socialism encouraged alliances to be forged. 

Both of these papers really demonstrated  the international nature of the dominant power structures alongside the interconnectness of the black power and black rights groups that rose to challenge them.  I really enjoyed the event and am looking forward to the next History Lunch on October 20th in D640 from 1-2 when Jim Livesey will be talking about the Black Atlantic and Vinita Damodaran will talk about 'Gender, race and science - the life of E.K. Janakiammal" 

East Slope XD



Anyone in flat 05 in East Slope? Just trying to look for some of my neighbours before moving in XP.
I'm doing American Studies with History, so anyone doing that, hit me up too :P.

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