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To be ill or not to be...



Well, I'm into my second week of being ill. After having visited the GP last week, he diagnosed me as having a 'Viral Illness'. What defines a 'Viral Illness' and how did I get it? After feeling quite positive at the end of last week and eventually thinking that I would recover by the end of last weekend, it all went wrong on Monday morning, with a horrible bit of fever, lots of coughing and generally feeling weak.

The worst thing about being ill? Well here is what I think:

1) Missing out at work and exchanges between you and your colleagues
2) Being absolutely bored at home and not being able to do anything constructive
3) Having a lack of appetite
4) Feeling overall quite sorry for yourself Cry

So, I sit here trying to read something, even though my eyes can't seem to focus on anything for a prolonged amont of time, trying to drink fresh coffee to stay awake.

I have to venture out into the world tomorrow to see my GP again, and even though I don't like visiting my doctor's surgery, in a sad sort of way, I look forward to actually leaving the house, rather than staring at the four walls of my bedroom.

I have always had problems this time of year, when Summer turns into Autumn, but never this bad....

Am I getting old or is my body trying to tell me something else?

I hope to be back on campus as soon as possible as any longer, and I think I will truly go crazy...

From the sickman.

i love autumn



I used to love school when I was a kid. New clothes, new shoes, new pencils and bookbags and things... now I'm finally getting back to it. I've spent the last two years working for a living, and I'm so glad to be going on to get my MA. I've got everything settled. All I'm waiting for now is the British consulate to approve my visa and send it back to me. It's the last thing on the list, so I'm kind of paranoid that I've forgotten something, even though I triple- and quadruple-checked my paperwork. I'm excited and terrified. Moving to a different country, living with people I don't know, getting back into the swing of writing papers.

I haven't written anything in over a month. That's crap, but I've got so much on my plate right now, I don't see myself getting back to it until I move to Brighton. I'm going to be working long hours my last two weeks here, and when I'm not working, I'm sleeping.

I need a plan for my arrival. My travel is all set up, but I've no idea what I'm going to do after I get to Brighton, besides probably take a long and much-needed nap. I've got to get a bank account opened, finish my registration, pay my fees, register for courses... I really want to take the "On (Not) Being Able to Write" module in addition to my Early Modern stuff, but I'm not sure if I can. It doesn't exactly mesh with the rest of my modules, but I really want to take it. I'll have to speak to the tutor about it. Not too enthused about the Idea of the Renaissance module. At least I've got a head start on the reading. Er, well, I will have one, once I actually start reading the books I've gotten. I have to finish Jason Scott-Warren's Early Modern English Literature first. I hope we don't have to do too much with theory and philosophy. I hate that crap. I'm looking forward to "Sexualities in Early Modern England" and the "Dissidence and Marginality" modules. What was the other one... oh right, "Sexuality, Fiction, and Subculture." I hope those are offered in terms where I can take them all.

Reading list:

Montaigne's Essays

Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages

Erasmus, Praise of Folly

Castiglione, Book of the Courtier

Machiavelli, The Prince

More, Utopia (Already read it and don't want to read it again.)

Levack, The Witchcraft Sourcebook (Not actually required for the courses, but it looked interesting, and witchcraft is one of my interests in the period.)

Not looking forward to trying to pack all these books in addition to my clothes and things. I'm thinking at least one bag is going to go over the weight limit.

Welcome, autumn!



Coming back from summery 25°C in Kyoto last weekend, the air in Brighton felt like it had almost reached the freezing point. I wrapped myself up in winter clothes, shivering regardless, and felt rather sorry for my ailing throat. Air conditioners and a cool evening breeze, alongside with a rampaging virus, had left almost all choir singers rather vulnerable, which in my case took its toll on the last evening in Japan, when what was essentially a farewell party left me quite literally speechless. On the flipside, the same party shortened my sleep enough to turn jetlag into a non-issue – as it turns out, a 4-hour night followed by a 24-hour waking day is quite adequate to readjust my body clock.

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