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Commit to get fit Challenge - ITS Group - week 3



We made a recruit or two last week. Michele joined the group and Jeff joined us for spin.


7 members of ITS made it to a group spin class, there was a whiff of solidarity in the air that would have made Lech Lewenza's knees wobble. 40 minutes of panting, sweating, grinding and swearing later and I could sense the relief of finishing. The consensus was that it was good exercise but the bike needs getting used to. For Angi it was cycle 2 ever and cycle 2 in 2 days. Cheers to Andy for coming in especially to take the class.


Last week saw smaller groups take on life circuits, power hoop, racketball and an interesting 3 person badminton match. On an individual basis new activities included the gym, goal setting, running, yoga, zumba, H.I.T., boxercise, legs, bums and tums. Jane apparently had a wheelbarrow race at her allotment.


What I've picked up on though is that its not just the participants that are thinking about their fitness. There is interest in the department, small groups talking about their fitness activities.


And for those that were wondering, Terry still hasn't got his sticky pads.

More active lunch hours (hurray!)



 My lunch hours have become much more energetic since the start of Commit to Get Fit. 

I am so pleased to have discovered the health benefits of yoga and went to my second class on Tuesday.  This class was a bit different as it was ‘dynamic yoga', which is a combination of aerobics with yoga during which the body's temperature is raised; it feels a bit more like a gentle work-out.  It was good fun and I felt really well afterwards.

Some yoga poses are a bit tricky (the lotus position, which involves sitting cross-legged with each foot resting on your thigh requires practice) but many are manageable and really help to strengthen and balance the body. I will definitely be sticking with this one beyond May!

Yesterday involved another lunch time visit to the Sports Centre as seven of us from the DARO office joined together to play badminton.   Although I hadn’t played before, the tips from my colleague Sally (a seasoned badminton player) were setting me on the road to improvement. I enjoyed this so much, not just because of the games but because it was so nice to be using our time to have fun and socialise as a team.  As Sally said: “…we should do this more often!!”

There was also more good news when I got back to the office. While we had been playing badminton, another colleague, Declan, had completed the Boundary Run, and I was reminded by Jane ( aka the DARO tsar of Commit to Get Fit) of my non exercise activity thermogenesis  (energy expended through non-exercise activity) which I obtain by taking regular walks down to Sussex House as part of my work.  I don’t tend to think of this as exercising but it is, and well…it does all add up…If I wore a pedometer, I’m sure I would shock myself!

DARO Commit to Get Fit - Officially Bashfully No.10



DARO badminton was a great success today.  Sally booked two courts and seven colleagues had a good knock-about.  When they got back to the office and were asked who won, the reply was 'we're all winners'.  It might be that this is the activity that continues to unite as we will most probably take this forward as our team sport.  Our Survey Monkey poll had this as a popular activity at the outset so its interesting that it meets expectations in the end.  Sally plays badders regularly and she was able to pass on some tips that were clearly effective within 20mins.  Mary seems to be able to turn everything into an art form as shown in her balletic poses in the warm up captured in the third mini photo.  No injuries or mishaps to report, just positivity.


The Boundary Run was also a great success.  Declan reports himself being the only person who had people cheering him on during the course and is extremely happy not to be last.  We'll report on his placing later but its so exciting what he has achieved that we had to write about it whilst he's still glowing.  All his previous running has been to sustain endurance for the Brighton Marathon and he only warms up to a faster speed after six miles or so.  Running 2.5 miles on the Boundary for a speed placing was a challenge, as was the terrain.  Two weeks ago Declan had to walk part of the course but today, with appropriate training, he ran the whole way.  He thinks that walking the Boundary at the start of CtGF helped him and achieving a good run today has spurred him on to committing to a daily commute run of 15 miles from his new pad (don't forget the house warming party).  Again no injury to report, the knee support is always worn when its not loitering on his desk.

Volleyball is still evil for some.  This is from the class last week and apparently the bruise has gone through every colour before peaking today.


Addendum:  Quinoa served in Dine Central these days!

Commit to Get Fit Team HR Photo gallery so far, so good.