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Drinking more water is hard!



Hi, this is my first blog and I feel quite proud already for getting this far and creating a SPLASH account :)).  So a week into ctgf and so far so good.  My targets are modest: drink more water, have a banana not biscuits for a snack once a day, try to jog up to 5K a week and try a new/change of routine exercise-wise.  Well so far I've managed bananas AND biscuits so I hope that counts a  partial success (not!).   I have put on my jogging gear and gone outside this week and last week but I'm not sure I've had much success, I've probably managed half jog/half walk-gasp for breath for 4-5K, but it's a start!!

New exercise has been a different cycle route in the lovely sunshine on Sunday - big success and trying to do press ups (just those funny half ones and not so successful!).   

The hardest part has been drinking more water.  Can anyone really drink 2 litres a day (on top of tea/coffee)?  I've worked up to 750ml extra, my best so far today, but I'd like to be reaching 1.5l every day by the end of May.

Aim for the next week is to incorporate stretching into my daily routine, try a class and go for a walk in Stanmer Park.  Watch this space.