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People that I Admire at IDS/UoS



At times, you start counting the good things that happen to you when you go to a new place. I was wondering what those new good things are, but then I realized that more than places, I have had the pleasure of running into some great people. They make my life at IDS/UoS more enjoyable. Let me introduce them to you:

1. Baseer Omaid: He is an Afghan, who I got to know here more. He studies at IDS, too. He is a very down-to-earth and nice person. You can talk to him about anything in life. He is very sociable and keeps his temper down at all times. The best thing about him is his stability with no mood swings unlike some of the other people that I meet on a regular basis. I find him a dependable friend. 

2. Georgina Laverse: Georgina is an out-of-this-world person. She studies at IDS, too. She has all the good qualities that Omaid does, but since she comes from a completely different culture than I do, I really admire her. Her bohemian and carefree attitude towards meaningless things in life makes you realize that life is not that bad. 

3. Omeid Khan: Omeid is someone I met a couple of weeks back, but I feel like I know him for a very long time. He studies LLB at UoS. The greatest thing about him is his true Afghan principles, which he has carried with him to Canada , the country where he lives now, and not given them up inspite of living there for more than a decade I was lucky to have met him

I admire these three friends of mine a great deal. They are very rare. I believe God shuts down the fatory that makes their kind. I am sure you must have great friends like them, too. I wrote this post to admire them because I do not know of a better way. You may wish to do something better to admire your friends, too. Remember, they are rare!

Just in case you were curious who these three individuals are, please click the link below. I am sorry, but I could not upload it here.