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Bingo Wings and Muffin Tops



For those of you who do not have a clue what I am talking about, bingo wings are the back of the upper arm and muffin tops are the bits that sit above the side of our trousers on our side. I was going to post some pictures but I could not be cruel enough to copy and paste these from a well known search engine.

Anyhow there are many exercises which look to target the muscles of the back of the upper arm the tricep and side of the stomach, the oblique muscle. However before I continue it is almost impossible to particularly target certain areas of our body for fat loss. We all are made up of different genes (and all fit different genes! (a ha) some people will lose weight in the face first, legs or arms before losing fat on our stomachs.  For more on fat loss look at my previous blog

The following exercises will help you to target a specific muscle group


Bingo Wings

Assisted Dips (31s onwards)

Tricep Dips

Narrow Press Ups

Tricep Kick Backs

Tricep Pulldowns


Muffin Tops

Side Planks

Pallof Press


Dead Bug

Wood Chops


Enjoy your training