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Achim Rosemann lecture on Tuesday 26th March: 'Regenerative medicine research as global collaborative project: opportunities, challenges, conflicts'



Hey everyone - here's some information about the Centre for Bionetworking's latest lecture - great speaker, fascinating subject and free tea and coffee - what more could you want?! This is a great event for anthropology, sociology, politics, medicine and the life sciences so come along!!

Tuesday 26th March, 4pm – 5.30 pm

Room 115Jubilee Building


'Regenerative medicine research as global collaborative project: opportunities, challenges, conflicts’

Achim Rosemann


This lecture focuses on the formation of the first trans-continental clinical trials infrastructure in the field of regenerative medicine, across the contexts of North America and Asia. It contributes to an understanding of the processes and challenges involved in the development of large-scale clinical research collaborations in stem cell medicine, an emerging field of medical research for which currently no internationally harmonized regulatory framework exists. The lecture explores the roles and challenges of scientific self-government and standardization, against a background of regulatory, institutional and cultural heterogeneity. It shows that the creation of standardized inter-institutional zones, in the context of international research projects, is a complex and highly contested process that is based on the intensive restructuration of local research and innovation practices. Unsurprisingly, in the context of Asia, these processes go along with vital forms of resistance and alter-standardization, that gradually result in a pluralization of international clinical research standards and practices itself. 

Achim Rosemann is a researcher for the ESRCBionetworking in Asia project, at the University of Sussex. His recent research has focused on the forging of trans-continental knowledge partnerships in translational medicine between researchers in China and the USA.