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Achim Rosemann lecture on Tuesday 26th March: 'Regenerative medicine research as global collaborative project: opportunities, challenges, conflicts'



Hey everyone - here's some information about the Centre for Bionetworking's latest lecture - great speaker, fascinating subject and free tea and coffee - what more could you want?! This is a great event for anthropology, sociology, politics, medicine and the life sciences so come along!!

Tuesday 26th March, 4pm – 5.30 pm

Room 115Jubilee Building


'Regenerative medicine research as global collaborative project: opportunities, challenges, conflicts’

Achim Rosemann


This lecture focuses on the formation of the first trans-continental clinical trials infrastructure in the field of regenerative medicine, across the contexts of North America and Asia. It contributes to an understanding of the processes and challenges involved in the development of large-scale clinical research collaborations in stem cell medicine, an emerging field of medical research for which currently no internationally harmonized regulatory framework exists. The lecture explores the roles and challenges of scientific self-government and standardization, against a background of regulatory, institutional and cultural heterogeneity. It shows that the creation of standardized inter-institutional zones, in the context of international research projects, is a complex and highly contested process that is based on the intensive restructuration of local research and innovation practices. Unsurprisingly, in the context of Asia, these processes go along with vital forms of resistance and alter-standardization, that gradually result in a pluralization of international clinical research standards and practices itself. 

Achim Rosemann is a researcher for the ESRCBionetworking in Asia project, at the University of Sussex. His recent research has focused on the forging of trans-continental knowledge partnerships in translational medicine between researchers in China and the USA.


DARO Commit to Get Fit - The Biscuit Blog - Part One



The biscuit issue in DARO warrants its own blog.  There was a yelping distress call in the office yesterday from Luci.  She just wanted a biscuit but wasn't going to go out and buy one so just whimpered instead, for quite a while.  She couldn't be distracted by alternative foods and was quite stubborn to be honest.  Eventually she settled down when all the pyschology had been explored.

This exploration was extended to everyone else in the office at the time and whilst most people had missed 'The Biscuit Tin', no one actually wanted it's contents re-instated.  Its interesting that not one person intended to keep their own biscuit supply at their own desk either.  All focus was on the office communal biscuit supply as it seems to be a thing of solace. Just as the nibblers find comfort in its contents it appears that the feeders draw a certain security from knowing they've replenished supplies.

Sharing food is a social and bonding behaviour so did DARO, whilst the biscuit supply was stopped in the spirit of CtGF, have its bonding and communication enabled through sports and activities instead?  There has certainly been a much greater bonding and lifting of spirits throughout May so maybe 'The Biscuit Tin' won't need dusting off in June.  But, why biscuits?  Why not something else?  Quinoa didn't cut it as an alternative social food.  Is it because biscuits are naughty and being naughty is only really fun with other people?  Time will tell.  DARO will continue by popular concensus to carry on being active as a team and Part Two of The Biscuit Blog remains to be written...der der der...

DARO - Commit to Get Fit - Officially No.9



The Wall.  Has been hit.  Nearly with tears.  CtGF nadir.  The DARO office still hasn't had biccies, choccies or cake brought in despite meetings, birthdays and sugar cravings.  This has been a major commitment by all the team, some of whom are still committed outside of the office.  Mr Kipling has been shut out and replaced with yoghurt and fruit or weekday denial has been balanced with just a weekend indulgence.

Many miles have been covered through walking, cycling, footie, cross trainer, exercise bikes, pooch walking and running by most of the team.  Also, different classes continue to be enjoyed, including zumba, spinning, circuits, yoga, metabolic, core strength and volleyball.  

Yikes.  Volleyball has proven to create the most mixed of experiences.  Michael found it fun even though he didn't get to try much in the way of 'digs 'n spikes', Aga loved doing something she'd really enjoyed at school and Sephie enjoyed it enough to think about trying basketball.  However, Jemma considered it evil and top of her list of things never to do again, she hated having lobster red skin and throbbing running up her arms and across her shoulders.  Luci was out after the first couple of minutes and left with a huge purple bruise.  They think that anyone who enjoyed it was more hardcore than them, so they've only both gone off and signed up to morning bootcamp in June!

Team DARO chilled and looking forward to volleyball, grrr: 

Team DARO warming up nicely:

Calm before the storm:

Uh oh, time for action:

Volleyball EVIL:

For our CtGF swansong week DARO have booked a few courts to play badminton next week.  Its great to do things as a team and to meet members of staff from elsewhere on campus, particularly including the sports staff.  We're looking forward to next week, have a great long weekend everyone.