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My final days in the Web team @ Sussex



Hi all,

Well, this is it, I officially finish at the Web Team this Thursday and what a ride it has been! I have been working primarily on the SPLASH project since last September and I have learnt a great deal about the interaction between students/staff and e-learning. Some things I thought I know and some areas I was totally taken aback about.

Being here at the University of Sussex has given me a great sense of belonging and the sense of being "part of a team", and it definately made me feel like a student again - how I miss those days ;-)

It was my first real job in Higher Education, although I had worked on some small freelance projects in various places. I have to say, once you get a job at a place like this, it is highly addictive and it makes you want to do everything in your power to stay here for the long-term - such a nice change from working in the private sector, where within a design agency I would be pushed so hard, working until 9 or 10pm at night was a norm.

I'm going to miss working with the Web Team: Dominic: (Mr X as I like to call him)/Jack/Andy/Penny and Tony - all lovely people, who get stuck into work, without a single hesitance or moan! Well, actually, we all moaned most of the time! ;-) 

So, what happens after Thursday? Well, I am fortunate enough to be going over to InQbate, The Centre of Excellent in Teaching and Learning in Creativity. Some of you may know it, others may not - so go on over and take a peek. It's all about collaboration, self-direction and experiential learning within a technology rich environment. Wow, a lot to take on board.

I will be around there doing numerous things with web, video and technology support - and anything else I need to get my hands stuck into! So, if your around, come on over and say hello from Friday.

I will probably end up blogging on SPLASH more, now that I am leaving the Web Team, although I should probably do more on my own blog - plenty to talk about.

So, you can find me on Twitter // FaceBook // Dopplr// mysite

OR, just keep on using my university email address OR checking my SPLASH profile! I love this site, then again, I am biased I guess ;-)

Thursday 30th April at 1pm - lunch and drinks at East Slope - obviously for the people I know - not some random geezer! ahahaha

All that remains for me to say is bye bye Sussex House, bye bye office space by the grass and I am going to miss those interesting things I always end up hearing coming from over by the Press Team! ;-) xx

Keep smiley faced and remember: Always remain positive, no matter the issue ;-)

My new website!



For as long as I can remember I’ve believed that there’s more to life that the prescribed routes to ‘success’ that we’re encouraged to take. You know the ones I mean – it starts at school, you go to university and eventually end up with 2.4 kids, a mortgage, a corporate job and a mountain of debt.

What people don’t usually tell you is that ‘success’ doesn’t automatically equal happiness and surely happiness is the measure by which we should live our lives.

Because we’re all so used to this ‘standardised’ life we find it tough when it comes to taking the all-important leap of faith.

But it can be done. Have a look at my new site - - to see how I'm doing it.

One of the ways we can take this leap is through travel. On a personal level, travel means freedom. Freedom to travel in a physical sense, but also the travel through one’s own life and experiences. I travelled through Thailand for four months in 2012 and it would be no exaggeration to suggest that the trip changed my life completely and forever.

Returning to the UK was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done – I knew the shadow of that ‘standardised’ life I feared so much was waiting for me in the arrivals lounge. And I was right.

“Progress..?” I thought, “What does that really mean?” After a long thinking session I came to the conclusion that the linear idea of progress was an illusion and that my reality lay elsewhere. Since then I’ve set upon what I consider to be a grand goal – to create my own ‘jet set’ lifestyle – that will lead me closer to the true freedom I seek and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

This blog will track my progress – the successes, the failures and everything in-between. Knowing that there is a growing number of us out there, it will also be my way of communicating with those who are listening.


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

A social scientist



So, I'm taking another step into the world of social media with the creation of this blog. I have hesitated for some time about starting one for my professional life as I know that there is nothing more disappointing (OK, a slight overstatement) of coming across a researcher's lab blog with a couple of posts from August 2005 where they outline their commitment to public outreach and nothing since. In lab meetings during last summer we discussed the possibility of starting a blog, perhaps with a round-robin system of contributions by lab members. That may or may not be how this turns out but I thought the key thing was to simply get started and see what happens.

As an active researcher, I can see several advantages to having a blog. This blog covers three of them. Basically, enabling you to practice and therefore hone your writing skills, expanding your general scientific knowledge/awareness, and enhancing your immediate scientific (or otherwise) community. I would like to improve in all of those areas. Having just returned from a couple of days training on Media and Communication skills run by the Royal Society and taught by Judith Hann and John Exelby (both incredibly experienced in a wide range of media) I now feel ready to take the final step and publish the first post.

My first aim will be to keep the blog active. Second, to hopefully improve my writing skills, particularly with reaching out to non-specialists in mind, and finally joining in on debates and by raising issues that I find interesting. I'm also interested in seeing how my activity on Twitter can work in synergy with a blog - a combination that I now many people use. Any comments are very welcome.


Postscript: Well it seems that commenting on this blog (and UoS blogs in general) is only possible by UoS employees and students, which is kind of missing the whole point of a public blog. I am looking into ways of changing that or using a different platform as I am really keen on starting some dialogue using my blog. I will of course post an update when a solution has been found.