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Team MPS CTGF Week 4: Still Fabulous



We've reached the penultimate week and are still going strong! This is how we've been fabbing around in week 4:


Chrystelle: Really pleased with myself this week. Done lots more exercise and feel really good.  Mainly I did 3 zumba classes.  The Monday exercise regime has been transferred to Friday and this works really well for me. This week, I've done 5 classes and did my usual routine too.  Attended talk by Terry Cooper "Understanding your Core Strength" which was really good and informative.  With all this exercise, food is no longer my main focus and it has been replaced by exercise.  Over all, a good week.  

Justine: Had a successful week despite my foot playing up a bit (plantar fasciitis). Cycled to work every day as well as managing hour long lunchtime walks in the Downs and woods - beautiful bluebells now. Attended 3 bodypump classes, 2 spinning classes, 2 body conditioning classes and swam 3 x 60 lengths. At the weekend also managed a long walk in the Downs and cycled along the seafront. 

Richard: Tues, Wed, Thur, 21,22,23.  Boundary walk on all three days.  Bluebells have gone mad.  Weird green Cuckoo-pint flowers now very common.  Breezy cool days.

Sarah: Zumba (21/05).  This was a little slower than the previous sessions but, somehow it was harder to follow/keep up!  Maybe the speed helped with the perpetual motion of my limbs?!  Dynamic Bodywork (23/05). I was a little late for this session and would have skived off but my friend said 'I bet you don't go'.  This was a clever psychological arm twist as I thought - 'oh, won't I?!'  :-)  I was glad I went as it felt good to take control of my body after a busy day.  Thanks Gem!

Dorothy: Back to four lunchtime woodland walks this week - I always feel that I am missing out on an hour's worth of peaceful contemplation if I have to skip one (not skip as in the active playground sense of old but skip as in miss). Made a lemon drizzle cake but I suspect that any energy expended on this activity was more than in deficit after its consumption! Though, I did give half of it to a friend so my 'guilt' was reduced.

Debbie: This week I have returned to work and have done some walking in the lunch hour as well as attending a talk on Understanding Core Strength. I have also been for several walks along the seafront.  Also went to Zumba on Friday.  Back did not object too much.  More of a case of knowing your limitations.

Gemma: Monday 20th May - I did Aerobics and went to the gym after work, and walked home. Had a bit of a hurty foot after all that.

The university launched its 'Time to Change' campaign recently and it was Mental health Awareness week last week so it seems appropriate to mention the effect exercise has on mood. Those of us who have experienced some kind of mental health issue -1 in 4 of the population*, surprisingly - know what an exhausting effect low mood and anxiety can have on your body; sometimes I feel like a sack of potatoes! I find the Zumba classes have been particularly helpful though, with the lively music and enthusiastic instructors you can't help but get into the party mood, whatever sort of day you're having Laughing

Today was really difficult, especially the aerobics, which is pretty brutal even on a good day. At times like these I have to mentally give my body positive encouragement: "come on body, get with the programme!". Today my brain felt like a frazzled mum dragging a grumpy child around the supermarket.


Even so, when I was walking home I felt a real sense of achievement at having forced myself to do it all - douze points, body! 

*1 in 4 of the population, 150 CTGF participants = 37.5 Commit to Get Fitters who have experienced or will experience mental health issues. Sooo, if any of you 37.5 also want to comment on how this month has affected your mood, please feel free! Wink

Tuesday 21st May - I did Zumba at lunchtime and my foot was really quite hurty! Realised I twisted my ankle at aerobics last night, so cancelled the Power Hoop session I had planned after work to give it a rest.

Wednesday 22nd May - I did Zumba at lunchtime again and went to the gym after work - cross trainer, weights and yoga to cool down. The ankle felt a bit sore still but I did my trainer up really tight for support and got on with it.

Thursday 23rd May - Did Hatha Yoga at lunchtime and Dynamic Bodywork after work, both have a pretty relaxed pace but are deceptively hard. My glutei maximi were really sore after so hopefully my butt will be looking super awesome soon Cool

Friday 24th May - Zumba number 3 at lunchtime! Also went to the gym after work and did 35 minutes on the cross trainer and some weights.

Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th May - Did 45 mins of hooping both days plus yoga on the Saturday and some stretches on my exercise ball. Danced the night away on Sunday, four hours straight on the dance-floor. Liberal amounts of gin were involved however, so not sure if it really counts for CTGF...

I think I may have finally lost some weight as my clothes seem to fit better, yey! Will do a weigh-in next week and report back to base.

Go Team!!!!