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Dragging ESW to a fit and healthy future!



Having lost my most enthusiastic fitness fan to the dark side (aka SLC) it has been left to me to motivate the slackers in ESW!

Jo, Julia and myself have declared our goals for the CTGF, the remainder of the team remain tight lipped. Sealed

Jo T - to improve her fitness and live a long and healthy life.

Julia - to run for 40 mins 3 times a week and reduce the alcohol

Brigitte - to reduce my sugar intake and less processed rubbish!

As always we have started slow but surely with Jo T embracing the whole CTGF concept.  Having enjoyed the Boundary Walk she is now doing her best to encourage her ITE colleagues out for a lunch time stroll. There is also a really scrummy recipe on Sussex Foods FB page.

Whilst I have made a great effort to cook 'proper' food I have failed miserably on the sugar intake with the chocolate digestives proving toooooooo tempting! But I did run 24 miles on Sunday so I felt justly rewarded..oh and for the bottle of wine that followed! Embarassed

Stay tuned for the next active update for ESW when we hope to have motivated the remaining team members from their slumber. Kiss