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Smash EDO protest meets Riot Police in Brighton: My on-the-ground report



A first-person photo report of yesterday's anti-war march in Brighton.

I'm still feeling a little bit weirded out by how intimate I got with a police horse. It was bascially kissing me. Awkward.

Community Garden on Lewes Road, Brighton



Went gardening this weekend. I love Brighton! Enjoy the photos. :D

Brighton seafront at night is beautiful....



I have had my own blog up and running since last month that I am posting to regularly and I wanted to share it with you all.

Brighton Seafront was looking beautiful this evening:

come and say hello

Sussex students arrested under anti-terror laws: the map



What really happened? Brighton's Smash EDO march, 15/10/2008



When our police are using anti-terror laws to arrest peaceful protesters, something has gone seriously wrong in our society. Read more...

Rage Against New Labour - demonstration photos!



Some great shots from the big protest at the Labour Party Conference on 27/09/09.

You may notice one of my photos on the front of the Badger this week - here's a taster from the same shoot! :D

'Jobs, Education, Peace' - the demands set by the protest. Photo

'Jobs, Education, Peace' - the demands set by the protest. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


In solidarity with Visteon, Vestas, and other workers' occupations this year. Photo

In solidarity with Visteon, Vestas, and other workers' occupations this year. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


Protestors charge across Brighton seafront. Photo

Protestors charge across Brighton seafront. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


and you can see more and read all about it on my website, Photography Without Borders - take a peek!


- Josh

How I knew I should come to England....




I had a thought...a 'flash back' in came to me on Thursday (the day of the Pier Festival in's not much about now and here,but it's the initial path which let me and made me understand my wildest come back to Brighton and seek for my unanswered questions!!!


When I was younger or even little I had a peculiar dream...I was in an 'ever'-green forest (assosiating with the famous druid forest of the druids hiding place from my favourite Camelot story movie Merlin,by BBC) and in the middle there was an old woman who was calling for me so loud...I walked and walked towards her,as I was stretching my hand I couldn't reach her,but at last she came to me....She spoke in a mystic low voice saying:

"Hello,Catrin,I'm the sorceress you were so longing to see.I know it may seem strange to you,but I'm here to reveal your destiny,cause that is what you deserve,you need a guiding light" (regarding the popular saying "With a guiding light,all teritories can be coquered,all dreams fullfiled and no way can be lost...never")

Then she began her story,starting at the point at which I was born,she reviewed all event from the past that had really happened to me and then she continued to explain my role in live.

(I don't remember exactly what she said/showed me cause this was like more than 6 years ago,I do believe I've found my way with English Literature and Sussex Uni,though,I really loved it here)

(**Note - it's not that I don't miss home - Bulgaria - my frs and family and stuff but I really really like here is my real know...the people are so kind and lovely...mostly the Stanmer Court guys from block B,a special greeting to them *hugs* far as I've seen from the induction week the tutors and teachers are real professionals and very nice also....and Brighton center is just amazing...this summer and party atmosphere that goes all seasons round....I think there's nothing like it anywhere in the world!!! I've travelled a lot!!!)

( And the Students Union USSU does a really great job with Freshers' fortnight!!! I'm just loving it,though I don't always have the time to go out upon all occassions! I was amazed by the Laid back & Latte thing and I just fell in love with the bands playing and I was bestowed by the poetry that people put so much effort into composing...cause you know,as a writing person myself I do believe poetry should and must come from the inside of your soul at all times...It's not an easy thing to do,nor a joke by its inital nature!)

(### Well,I thing that's my understanding for my role in live up until now...I'm still 19-years'-old after all...and I do trust in another popular Old-English-ways' saying....."No young person,no matter how great can know his destiny,he cannot see his path into the great story that's ahead of him/her,like everybody else in the whole wild world he/she must live and learn" ~~~ as something very very familiar was said by the reader in my fav movie Merlin,by BBC,season 1,episode 1,year 2008/2009 ~~~ So,one of the reasons I'm here,in Sussex is to find my own way and answers... ###)

After that,out of nowhere,the forest faded away and on its place appeared a huge building which later turned out to be my high school.

By the time I had this dream I had never heard about my high school ( the same English one I'm refering to late on in my post),I never knew it exsisted...

But enough about the pre-history and unimportant information...The dream was kind of clairvoyant (*note* I got completely persuaded on the freshers' festival day when I saw the same places that where in my dream) because this old lady showed me everything,each and every single event of my life...including how I should go to England and do my best to strive for achieving it... ( that's about how I chose my course *English Literature* )

The strange thing was I had never believed in such stories until I came to Brighton in 2007.I met a guy called Alexander here,who turned out to be studying in my High school back in Sofia,Bulgaria (yeah,I'm Bulgarian and I used to study in an English school which organised seminars in most of Southern UK)

We had a great time together under the sunny sky,laughed,walked on the beach and made henna tatoos... (I wish I could attach some pics here but I don't have them on my current PC,yeah,I know,too bad,isn't it) that's when I knew I'm in love with England and Brighton...That's when I knew the dream I had was clairvoyant....That's when I saw my path was all about me coming here and following my believes and pursuits...

So when I wa lked on the same path again on Thursday...I almost cried...because I knew my place is here...and as I watched the crowd at the railway station....I was siting by just watching....I felt like I fit in completely,like that's the only place I should and could ever feel like home!


All reference are owned by their production party,no infringing and abuse intended!

BBC One holds all copyrights of the Merlin series production,and as it follows all other quotes I've paraphrased to the best of my powers so that they can preserve their meanings but not be infringing!

^^^^^ Another note...^^^^^ I have made my piece a bit different from the common expectations...I've used an editing technique of my own...I have no idea if it's okay,but I'll tell my after all,you're the judging party!

How I fell in love....(Part 2)




So,ppl,here's the 2 part...I hope you'll like it...Here is my poem,guys...remember? About the ENGLISH guy I fell in love,sit tight,if you've just got up sit/lack back and just read...if you want to,of course,if not,just go grab a cup of coffee and just pretend you've read all the's your choice,it's my feeling ;)


***I'm sharing really personal info here,so pls if you're rly going to read least don't laugh :))) That's rly important since it's intimate***

I'll put just the extract of my diary straight away as they are....Here it goes...ppl...


That's a Camelot storyline poem.I do not own any copyright and names related to any kind of broadcast production.There are the one and single property of the third party who produced them.

To the assessment cometee...If you find that any of my post/content is or may be considered an offense to someone or of someking feel free to edit it and/or remove it.Thank you for your all of you!


Your eyelids as flawless as seashells

drift away ashore by chance,

and seem so in touch with your inner self

it makes them the perfect nature dance.

Eyelashes as mystic as the tidal waves

long,refined like a burning ember,

when closed make my deepest crave*

when open recall of crystal december.


Nose - an Ancient pillar** of admiration

on its greates peak - Olympus mount***,

awaiting Aphrodite's love declaration

for Eden woeing cannot be taunt****.

His cheeks - Odin's pink rose hills^

his lips - Edna's burning red core,

both bringing such intense thrills

in my heart creating flames still sore.


His eyes - the hazel diamonds of the East

his skin exciting bright brown and peach cream,

twinkling on and off at a night star feast

obliterate the wildest woman's dream.


His hair - Lancelot's majestic locks

his voice - Shallot's royal cheer,

a knight's pride in how he walks

he's more of a prince than of a squeer^^.



This man will shatter every glass

with the looks of Arthur's youth,

Camelot will rise once more at last,

with the Queen of fair truth~.


02nd Oct 2009
Sussex Uni.

5.40 a.m. (OMG?!)

That's like the coolest thing I've done up to now...
And who's "responsible"..... (* that's the reference to the poem*)(pls read if u're interested in my work)

1). "My" special one....well,he's still not mine,but I hope he'll make any notice of my affections very soon :)
2). OMG "&O!#@.%^" (that's his name...I've told you already I'm not telling you who he is...haha)

you've got the whole credit and you're the one to blame!

3) All the English Lit books I've read through my live....all the music I've listen to...all the movies I've watched....

4) And I owe it all to....the WONDERLAND UK....and the most beautiful memories it gives me and I hope will continue to do so....



P.S. Mates,that's all for now,see you later...I need to get some sleep though...I have been to bed all night...yeah,I know...I sound awfully stupid...but probably most of you doing the same or similar course will understand that creativity and inspiration doesn't come when you wish them to,they just strike you likea brightest lightening from a clear UK sky....So,thanx for watching/reading/apprehensing and other stuff :P

Bye,Bye,see ya soon,I do intend to post a bit more if there's time :))))


My Welcome week,Sussex Uni



Hi guys! here is my video,I've been making it all day long and I know it's a last minute thing but I rly rly want you to see it,it's uploaded on but pls view it,it's important to me!!!


Will write smth in a minute,just want ot make sure it's posted!





brighton the corners



I've been meaning to write about coming to Brighton, but I don't really know what to say. The initial hassles are out of the way, I'm settled in, and now it's the little things that preoccupy me. I haven't even taken any photos of the city because it seems... well, weird. I don't feel like a tourist here. I'm getting to know the side streets and little shops, the bus schedules and weather patterns. Brighton is home now. My life in the States has taken on a weird, unreal quality, a half-remembered dream that I'm not entirely convinced ever happened. It seems so far removed from here and now.

Maybe it's because I have a sort of quasi-nomadic habit. My relationship with cities is one of serial monogamy; I live somewhere for a few years, and by the time I move somewhere else, I can't wait to get away. I wonder if I'll be as eager to get out of Brighton as I was to get out of Ohio. Moving here represents a sea-change for me, a considerable step forward in the process of Getting My Shit Together. I knew I wanted to move to the UK; what I didn't know was what I'd do after I got here. For the first time, I'm not really that worried about it. One thing I've learned from the process is that things really can work out. It sounds cheesy, but it's true. My whole perspective on life has changed in the space of a few weeks.

I keep waking up early in the morning. At 7 or 8, the sun hasn't quite come up, and the little valley I live in is still damp with dew and bustling with snails (inasmuch as snails can bustle). If I'm lucky, I get to watch the sun peek over the hills and flood the garden and my bedroom with warm yellow light. It's brilliant. I've never been a morning person, but if I were lucky enough to spend all my mornings lounging around with a cup of coffee and watching the sun come up, I think I could become one.

'The Future of Collaboration: Sharing and Work in the Networked Age'





I know loads of Sussex people enjoyed Brighton Salon's Facebook discussion a couple of months ago so thought I'd tell you about another event that should be right up many Splashers street too.

Brighton Salon presents a  'Battle Of Ideas' satellite event. 'The Future of Collaboration: Sharing and Work in the Networked Age'

Sat October 17 2009, 6-8pm, Brighton Thistle Hotel on the sea front.

The 21st century looks set to be the age of online collaboration. While old forms of community and solidarity have waned, leaving us apparently more fragmented and individualised, the social web enables many of us to work, play and organise with others in ways previously unimaginable.

Technologies like Flickr, Delicious, Wikipedia and LINUX evidence new means of sharing information and working together. Many suggest these technologies will have far-reaching social implications, and even presage a new form of production and work outside the market system.

Read more and for full event details and booking


Fancy getting involved in a new show?



Embassy Court, Brighton
5th July 2010
10.30am - 5.30pm

As part of their new show, Atalanta, commissioned by Creative Campus Initiative, seven sisters group is offering two one day professional development workshops, one at the De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill and this one at Embassy Court Brighton. Each workshop is led by artistic directors Susanne Thomas and Sophie Jump and suitable for up to 14 participants with an interest in site-specific work.

It is open to participants from dance, theatre, design, architecture, sound, light, or art backgrounds and aims to be a professional lab opportunity for students, young graduates and professional artists of all ages. Participants will be encouraged to create site-specific performance in various locations within the sites in response to spatial, social and cultural issues.

Although the workshop is free places are limited, so interested applicants are asked to send a resume and a statement of interest to, asap.

About Embassy Court
Embassy Court is a designated Grade II heritage building recognised by architectural historians not just as a landmark on Brighton's seafront but also as a landmark in British architectural history. Situated on the border of Brighton and Hove facing the open sea, Embassy Court was one of the first buildings in Britain to be designed in the modern style, by Wells Coates.

Hey you Rocku steady Crew! musicDOC11




Myself and fellow Sussex historian Chris Warne,  have been working for the last year to set up a new collaborative research project on popular music documentary (Rockumentary: history and practice).  musicDOC11 will be organising a one day documentary festival this summer (more info to follow) - with top film makers, musicians, broadcasters and historians exploring history through music documentary and vice versa.

You can get a taste of our project at our first outing will be at next month's See Festival in Brighton, Komedia, 26 Feb, 10 am.  Come along if you love music, film, history - or fancy looking at some nice documentaries and having a think



New cultures of protest at the Brighton salon



The new culture of protest: WHAT DO WE WANT? Tuesday March 22 at 7.15pm Friends Meeting House - Ship Street

Thanks to all those who have already booked into next Tuesday's meeting.

As you will appreciate, we have a limited capacity so in case you have not already done so, please use the link below and you can reserve your place.

Below are two recent articles by the speakers

Patrick Hayes

Laurie Penny

musicDOC11 Rocked!



musicDOC11's first music documentary festival/conference this weekend was a great, if exhausting, success. We are looking forward to editing all the footage niceKev from Verymovingpictures filmed for us and as we hoped the contributors gave us insights into the making, watching and meaning of music documentary for historians, musicians and film makers alike! Our contributors, and their films, provided bridges between industry constraints, the way in which musicians and bands see themselves, and fandom and fan culture in fascinating ways.

We'll be putting together an over view of the event for our website soon but in the meantime I thought I'd just share this feedback from one of our contributors Otmoor Production's John Edginton

"Excellent day. Brilliant to meet all of you and I'm still absorbing everything.Head full of fans! Quo fan in bedroom, Sham fan in Russian kitchen,Stones fans wrestling Mick. Just heard myself singing Lady Jane in the shower! "

One of the things that John has picked up on that came out of the day really strongly for me was the way in which as a genre rockumentaries can document the specifics of a particular locale - the site of the 2012 Olympics (Paul Kelly's , "What have you done today Mervyn Day"), or the last indepdent record shop in Teeside,(Jeanie Finlay's, "Sound it Out")  for example, as well as give us a broad vision of the way in which music and images connect between countries - chinese Sham69 fans (in DandyFilm's "This Band is so Gorgeous" or the Russian annual Dave Gahan parade in Nick Abrahams' "The Posters Came with the Walls".

The day was topped off by Peter Whitehead, whose lists of firsts, stories and reflections, and sense of change over time in the genre made him a perfect choice for our 'Founding Visions' slot. No idea how we could top that - but we're going to give it a try!

Thanks go to Mitch and Claire at The Basement, niceKev, Nils, Grace, Owen, Mikey and Izzy for their hard work on the day and Ruth for showing everyone where the pub was.

nice little write up here

My Summer Abroad: A mostly-photo blog.



Well, I made it to Brighton, England! It's still so surreal that I'm here. I honestly feel so lucky. If anyone told 5-years ago Ashley that I was now studying abroad in Europe, she never would have believed them. I feel as though I have something to prove to myself, though. By being here and by studying abroad I'm proving what I'm capable of. This is an opportunity that I never would have imagined to be possible. The most fulfilling part is that I've gotten here on my own. Lesson of the summer: If you want your dreams to come true all you have to do is set goals for yourself and have the will to achieve. I must say, working and saving my money since High School really has paid off. I couldn't possibly think of a better way to spend my savings. The couple weeks before I came were se hectic at home and there were multiple times I almost backed out of coming here. I would have absolutely regretted that one. I'm thrilled that I'm here though, and now that I am I've just been thinking "What do I have to do to stay here for the rest of my life?". Honestly, I have fallen in love with this country. I always knew I was meant to be British.

Brighton beach on a hot summer day!

Brighton Beach on a Hot Summer's Day

University of Sussex Poppeys!

Studying English Folklore while here has been absolutely inspiring! I wasn't quite sure what to expect at first but the module is so interesting. My teacher is so passionate about what he's teaching and he really makes us think critically about folklore and the history behind it. We've gone on so many interesting field trips around Sussex and also to Stonehenge and King Arthur's Round Table! At first, during the first week I heard stories from friends who were going on field trips to London and such, and I was kind of bummed that we weren't. But I do NOT regret it! If anything traveling around Sussex has made me realize how much more I love the countryside over London (not that I don't love the city but the countryside landscapes offer no comparison). The places we've visited have been so beautiful. It's crazy to think that to the people who live here this is something so ordinary. If I lived here I don't think I'd ever get sick of the landscape. There's just something about looking out into a field and seeing 4 different shades of green, a field full of poppeys, scattered sheep, and the rolling hills in the background all at once. It's simply breathtaking every single time.

Stonehenge with English Folklore

English Folklore at Stonehenge!

Hiking the countryside

A hike along the countryside! It doesn't get better than this!

The Ageing and Dementia Group take Eyes, Genes and Brains to Brighton Science Festival




This weekend a group of academics from the Ageing and Dementia Group, School of Psychology at Sussex University will be getting involved at the Bright Sparks weekend as part of Brighton’s Science Festival. The group will present a stall focusing on the relationship between our genes and our mental abilities and how we can measure this using very simple physiological responses.


Interactive demonstrations will be available. The relationship between cognitive effort and pupil size will be elegantly demonstrated using eye-tracking software, with volunteers able to directly observe the relationship between effort on an attention measure and fluctuations in pupil size. Parents take on kids in the Rapid Visual Processing task challenge, a measure of how well we can sustain our attention across time. Through this, the group will demonstrate how our cognitive abilities change with age.


Additionally, the stall will feature arts and crafts for children, including origami DNA, inflatable double helixes and even the opportunity to create a hat that puts a brain on the outside of your skull. Hats come in adult sizes too.


We hope you all come along and bring the family to what we are sure will be a great weekend. The event will run from 10am til 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday, at Hove Park Upper School.


For more details visit the website:

Bright Sparks Weekend 2015



On February 14th and 15th, the Ageing and Dementia Group took their knowledge and favourite experimental tasks to Hove Park Upper School for the Bright Sparks Weekend. The Bright Sparks weekend included a variety of University groups and societies from around the South East of the country, and we were excited to be a part of this exciting event.

The Brighton Science Festival has been growing in popularity across the last few years, and we feel this weekend really demonstrated what a huge success this event has become. The weekend was busy, full of enthusiastic children and even more enthusiastic parents, and a constant flow of visitors kept the presenters at the event constantly on their feet.

Our Stall, the Genes, Eyes and Brains stand, centred upon two interactive tasks.

Sam Hutton demonstrated the latest eye-tracking technology in a display of the direct relationship between cognitive effort and pupil size. Volunteers were able to watch their pupil size change in real-time in response to an attention task of varying difficulty, providing neat, memorable evidence for how our cognition directly relates to our physiological responses.

Visitors to the event also had the opportunity to participate in a classic measure of sustained attention, the rapid visual processing task. Children were asked to battle it out with their parents for a place at the top of the leaderboard. The research group was hoping performance on this task across the different age groups would provide a neat demonstration of attention declining with increasing age. However, across the weekend we saw the parents massively triumph over the youngsters, contrary to expectations. We suspect this may be due to an overload of sherbet and an exciting, noisy environment on the kids’ part.

The selection of crafty activities available on the stall was also a hit, with many children to be spotted around the event sporting homemade brain caps. Hopefully some knowledge was also taken away from the event, with the children being encouraged to understand the principles of genetic inheritance through simple origami, posters and quiz sheets. More importantly, hopefully an enthusiasm for science was generated by the event, and both children and parents will be encouraged to think of scientific research as something important and exciting.

Finally, we would like to thank everybody for the wonderful feedback we received. The weekend had a great atmosphere and the group looks forward to getting involved with similar activities in the future.

 Please see our new lab blog for pictures of the event:


HCV Treatment in HIV HCV co infection population



Research in the Rusted Lab includes a study of the potential adverse side effects of hepatitis C treatment in HIV-positive individuals with a concurrent Hepatitis C infection – this is a condition that affects 40% of HIV patients. In these patients, the treatment of the Hepatitis C infection has been associated with depressive symptoms and cognitive impairments both of which negatively impact the quality of life of the patients.

The current standard of care for hepatitis C involves a combination of drugs (interferon and ribavirin) however; the treatment options have changed with the development of new therapies using interferon, ribavirin plus a new drug that have improved HCV cure rates. It is well known that depression is the most prevalent side effect of interferon and ribavirin treatment but little is known about the adverse events in the new treatment.

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 11.33.34

Renata Fialho a second year PhD student and member of the Rusted Lab is looking at the adverse effects during hepatitis C treatment with classic and new treatment in HIV/HCV patients. According with preliminary results fifty participants were included in the study. We looked at differences on depression between hepatitis C treatments and there was a significant increase in depression in both types of treatments. These results suggest that the prevalence of depression is high still and more research is needed in order to clarify what type of depression and cognitive symptoms are associated with hepatitis C treatment.

For more information on the research being ran by the lab group, see our website

For the official lab blog, click here 

ITS go wild at Bouldering...



This week members of the IT team went bouldering…

We felt apprehensive as we tried on our climbing shoes, were they supposed to be this tight?  What if we fell off (hmm, turns out - not a problem), What if we couldn’t grip the ‘thingys’ on the wall?


The lovely chaps at Boulder Brighton gave us a warm up – i.e. they got us started on a training wall, everyone managed to make their way across, so we were let loose on the other higher, more difficult, busier walls.  The place was full of very athletic, lithe, enthusiastic people – and us!

Before we knew it, we were getting to grips (literally) with the ‘thingys’, the grippy bits on the walls and hauling ourselves up to the top, hanging there for a second in victory.  Colleagues were clapping and encouraging and calling out where the grippy bits were located.  Teamwork was key!

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go to the pub – to replace all that energy we had expended.  There was still time to be pleasantly surprised by an ad-hoc hooping lesson in the car park by Susi.  We decided there and then that a hooping session this week would be a great idea.

Commit to get fit…by hula hooping our way around Shawcross...


Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive -"DNA detectives" at the 2018 Brighton Science Festival.



My interest in science was fed by occasional documentaries and the hands-on activities at The Science Museum and Natural History museum.  Accessible information is now available on every platform, but where do the youth of Sussex get to join in with hands-on activities?

The Brighton Science Festival.


Just under three weeks to go until ‘Bright Sparks’ weekend full of hands-on activities at the Brighton Science Festival.

 And we get to join in!

 The ‘DNA Detectives’ - a group of researchers, students and faculty from the University of Sussex School of Life Sciences will be extracting DNA from strawberries and making models of viruses with 100’s of young people.

 Thank you to The Royal Society for Biology for sponsorship.

 Thank you to researchers, students and faculty for their time.

 Thank you to Brighton Science festival for giving us the opportunity to have fun undertaking this important outreach.