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Stuck on an IT problem and in need of IT support in Brighon and Hove?



 Computers... Where would we be without them? They're such a big part of all of our lives now that going without Internet access for a few days can seem like you're suddenly totally disconnected from the world. Comptuers are such a fantastic tool for information and communication, but only when the bloody things are working!

 Sometimes you have an IT problem and no matter how many times you reboot, pull out all the wires and put them back in or spend hours Googling the problem you just CAN'T FIX IT. A lot of us are lucky enough to have a techie friend who we can rope in for some help, but what if they can't help, or you can't get hold of them? Sometimes there's a deadline looming and you just need sometime fixed ASAP.

 That's the situation I found myself in recently. This is just a quick blog post to give my recommendation to a local IT support company called CertComms. They managed to get my broadband up and running again in about 10 mins and at a pretty cost, too. If you're looking for IT support in Brighton & Hove, then look no further.