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The Web Team @ the dConstruct conference @ Brighton Dome.....



Hi folks.....I don't know how you are all feeling on today, the dreaded Monday - but thought I would get online some thoughts about me and the Web Team's visit to the dConstruct Conference last Friday.

After having arrived at around 09:15hours at the Brighton DOME, it was a typical meet and greet with coffee, orange juice and tea - the classic refreshers before having a little walk about the place to see what was being displayed in the foyer. The main sponsors were there alongside my old company - which was great as it was a nice opportunity to catchup with a few people whom I hadn't seen in years Laughing. Lunch was good - having eat with the team at Gourmet Burger Kitchen - which are really nice burgers!!!

There were a fair number of speakers organised for the day, but to be honest, I think the most interesting & enjoyable were the following:

Leveraging Cognitive Bias in Social Design - by Joshua Porter

Playing the Web (how gaming makes the internet [and the world a better] place) - Aleks Krotoski

Designing for Interaction - Daniel Burka

Designing for the Coral Reef - Matt Jones & Matt Biddulph

The conference speakers covered a wide array of concepts and areas - and it was fair to say that the consensus within the entire group was that Aleks Krotoski had the most interesting presentation - talking about gaming and the Experience Economies - the different systems within these economies as Controlled Systems/Enabling Systems & Psychological Systems. I won't go into her talk into too much detail here, as shortly the conference site will upload the talks as podcasts here.

I do employ you to check regularly on the podcasts page - as you will no doubt enjoy some of the points put forward by some of these individuals - a combination of practitioners and academics in the field of social interactivity and design.

Finally, having moved on into Brighton for a few drinks and then onto the Yahoo Developers sponsored Free Bar at Audio - you can imagine how the evening concluded! Yes Jack, I,m also referring to you! Tongue out

Hot Chip




Despite Mr W suffering from a horrible lurgy we went ahead to the cosy confines of the Dome last night to see the rather fabulous Hot Chip in action (and share his germs with the wider population).

It was an awesome live show: I did see them at Bestival in the summer but frankly, standing in the rain for 5 hours before they came on put a bit of a (literal) dampener on the proceedings.

Collaboration is such a huge aspect of what they do, and it really comes out on stage - they buzz off each other massively. It also really struck me how unusual it is to hear blokes harmonise on pop music tracks.

I think the fact that they don’t have your average singerplusbackingband set up gave the opportunity for the lighting team to do a rather special lightshow, which totally made the evening and had Mr W reaching for his metaphorical (though still rather dusty) glow sticks.


Support was ably provided by the bizarre but strangely endearing Max Tundra, if you haven’t heard (or more importantly seen) him, he’s on YouTube (of course!) - this is him supporting Hot Chip in Birmingham.