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Google CHROME browser is here...



Well, look at this! Google have released CHROME, an alternative browser to go up against the likes of Microsoft & Mozilla.

This was due to be released later in the week, but it turns out due to a little blunder by an internal member of staff who sent an email to an unofficial blog, we have the browser today!

Google CHROME boasts a lot of new functions and layout features that I must admit are rather nice and feel a lot more streamlined. I have had a peek around the browser this evening and found a lot of nice things about this open source browser currently in its beta stages.

To understand what is under 'the hood' of CHROME, take a look at the CHROME googlebook, a nice storyboard background to the browser.

To give you an idea, some of its new functions are:

Application shortcuts: Load your web applications without running the main browser

Dynamic tabs: Drag tabs to create new windows or gather multiple tabs in one window

Crash control: Tabs run independently, therefore avoid that all annoying entire browser crash

Incognito mode: Browse and surf without recording the sites your visit in the history

Instant bookmarks: One click bookmarking

Simpler downloads: Download status at the bottom of the browser, non-intrusive & sleek to view - (really good function - I found it much niser that those annoying popups in firefox or ie)

One box for everything: Your top bar can be used for search, addresses and history

Google are clearly going in for the kill on this project against the other major browsers and seem to want to communicate to the masses that their browser will be easier to use, more powerful for web applications and more intuitive to deal with on a daily basis.

I'm off to play more and I have also taken the liberty of uploading some screenshots on flikr for you to get an initial feel.

So, to take a look under 'the hood' and start playing - visit:  The Google CHROME browser to download

It's getting late, but I think I'll carry on watching 'Boyz n the Hood' whilst I carry on messing around with CHROME.

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