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Diary of a caffeine addict - Day 1



8:30 – First cup of English Breakfast.  Smaller mug than usual.  Feeling virtuous

10:00 – Second cup of English Breakfast. Still in small mug. Smug mode engaged.

11:30 – Sudden panicked moment of realisation that we are doing the boundary walk at 12:00.  Must get last caffeine fix.  Decide on filter coffee and have it stronger than normal.  Surprisingly happy and bouncy on walk.

13:00ish – Asked Lisa while on the boundary walk if I can get a discount in my tea fund payments as fruit tea does not count as tea.  While Lisa is aware that fruit tea is the devils brew, my arguments fail.

14:45 – First decaffeinated brew of the day.  Choose Lemon and Ginger tea.

14:48 – It looks like someone has urinated in my mug.

14:59 – It tastes like someone has urinated in my mug.  They should probably see a doctor.

15:15 – Slight headache.  Can’t be dehydration as have drunk water and such today.  Possibly caffeine related.  Time to raid Soft Kitty box for paracetamol.

15:16 – The paracetamol in the soft kitty box contains caffeine.  *Expletive deleted*.

15:54 – Still headachey.  Starting to feel slightly tetchy.

16:10 – Have drunk a litre of water since 12:30 (not for ctgf, but to distract from lack of tea). There has been a need for many bathroom trips.

16:30 – Finished work for the day.  I feel sorry for anyone I meet on the drive home today.

Diary of a caffeine addict - Day 2



After an *interesting* drive home which included only minimal swearing.  I was able to sate my jitters with some decaffeinated filter coffee.  Alcohol may have also helped. 

This morning in full awareness that I NEEDED to get to work before 8:30 to get my first fix before the office opened, the traffic was a nightmare.  There would have been more cursing if I didn’t have my colleague Sue in the car.

8:30 – First cup of tea.  Oh English Breakfast, how I’ve missed you.  Served in usual bucket.

10:00 – Second bucket.  Trying not to change my tea drinking behaviour too much in the mornings in the fear that I may end up chain-drinking.  Ponders why no-one has invented the bottomless mug.  Get to it scientists!

11:45 – Final bucket of tea for the day. 

12:40 – Damn.  I timed it wrong.  I still have 20 minutes of possible brew drinking, but only if I am willing to deal with severe burns to the mouth.

13:00 – Switch to decaf filter type coffee.  I may well survive this day. 

14:00 – I’m worried about my pot plant.  I water it with the dregs of my tea everyday.  My pot plant is going to be going through detox with me and may not survive.  I should drink normal tea this afternoon as a selfless act to save my poor unwitting plant.  Amii believes my pot plant could probably do with a detox as well. 

14:39 – Starting to flag and there is only one decaf filter type coffee pot left in the kitchen.  Amii is also committed to the no caffeine after 13:00 jag and is also flagging.  This could end up with a fight to the death.

15:00 – Decide to save decaf coffee thing for tomorrow and take a new adventure into the world of fruit tea.  Today is Cranberry and Raspberry.

15:01 – Cranberry and Raspberry tea looks like Ribena.

15:20 – Not too bad, although as you need to leave the bag in to get any flavour, I worry I may accidentally inhale the teabag.

15:46 – No niggling headache today, although I seem to have hit a wall of exhaustion.

16:30 – Hometime now.  I think afternoon productivity may be suffering.

Diary of a caffeine addict - Day 3



An evening with the decaf coffee has again put the jitters on hold.  This enabled me to play a PS3 game with only minimal shouting at the television.

8:30 – First cup (bucket) of tea.  I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to it.  I think I may be sleeping more deeply, but I’m feeling more exhausted in the mornings.  English Breakfast.  Ah precious.  Put the bag in the mug, put in the freshly boiled water, open the fridge………


I pause a moment to work out my options, but the tea is already brewing.  It would feel like a sin to throw it away (this is a travesty in our household.  Every tea is precious.  Any cup of tea that is accidentally left undrunk is called ‘Steave’ and poured away with full honours).  (I have an odd boyfriend).

However it also feels like a travesty to add UHT milk to this precious, precious brew. 

I weaken. 

I add the demons juice. 

Every sip is guilt ridden.

9:10 – Nina has come by the office to say she is leaving the building to get milk.  Nina is now a Goddess to me.

9:30 – English Breakfast bucket.  I think this one tastes even better because of the horror before it.

10:45 – Time for another brew.  I believe that as no-one else in the office seems to want a beverage as frequently as I do at the moment, I am walking upstairs to the kitchen more than I used to.  Another way that cutting down on caffeine is helping with ctgf.

11:20 – As another plus. I no longer run the daily oversweetening gambit.  As I use a clicky sweetener I usually forget whether I have added one and frequently add at least 2 by accident.  Attempts to remedy this using the disposable stirrers have been spotty at best as I can never remember how many brews I have had.  Yay for over-zealous, tedious diary keeping.

11:24 – There are 4 sticks in my bin.  I have had 3 cups today.  I think Amii is messing with me.

12:20 – Time for one last cup.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m drinking more tea than I would normally drink if I wasn’t limiting it. *suspicious face*

14:00 – Someone has made a fresh pot of coffee.  I can smell it.

14:30 – There has been further discussion about the health of my pot plant.  I think the flowers are dying due to withdrawal.  Amii believes it would be better off being repotted.  There may be wisdom in this as it falls over if you don’t lean it against something. 

14:45 – As I am taking my early today I have just made an afternoon cuppa of peppermint and nettle tea.

14:55 – Peppermint and nettle tea is odd. 

15:20 – Getting ready to head off.  No headache today and not feeling so exhausted.  This may be because it’s an hour earlier than normal, plus it’s the weekend but it may be I’m through the worst of it.  Ok I have been feeling slightly tetchy about some stuff, but I’m ending the day on a high note.

Slowly but surely Committing to Get Fit



Day 1 (Wednesday)

Today the team went on the organised boundry walk around the campus. The sun was shining and it was the first time in a long while that I’ve purposely left the office at lunch time for a reason other than grabbing a bite to eat for lunch. The walk was lovely and a gentle introduction to a month of CTGF and it was great to see and learn more about the area that I’ve been working at for the last year.


I returned to the office feeling invigorated and ready for my lunch and have now been booked onto a Power Hoop session next week. Apparently it’s in the Dance Studio which has a wall of mirrors. Eeep! Anyone know if you can Power Hoop with your eyes closed?

Day one of no tea or coffee after lunch was difficult, but I was able to refuse the offer of a cup of tea from colleagues on the University of Brighton campus and I somehow survived the afternoon with no caffeine-withdrawal grumpiness! Roll on Day 2!    

Day 2 (Thursday)

Day 2 has started slowly. I was very much in the need for caffeine all day, but stuck to coffee and tea only in the morning and then switched to water in the afternoon. This was a big achievement for me as I don’t normally do water. I went out for a lunch time walk in the sunshine – it may only have been to the pharmacy and back but it is better than sitting at my desk all day.

Without thinking I drank a cup of tea at my Slimming World group. Blast! I was doing so well. But all was soon forgotten when I weighed in and had lost 2.5lbs that week. The CTGF challenge has come at the right time for my weight loss goals as Slimming World has helped me lose over 4 stone in a year and I am now only 3.5lbs from my target weight. Once there I will need to be more active to help me stay at my target weight so hopefully I will build up some new habits during this challenge and keep them up as a part of my day-to-day life!

Day 3 (Friday)

Today the team are going on a walk at lunchtime but unfortunately I was half asleep this morning getting ready for work and have not brought any appropriate footwear (if I was at school this is when I would be handed a pair of lost property plimsolls and be told to get on with it). I will instead man the office and go for a wander around campus after my colleagues return and enjoy the sunshine.

Plans for the Bank Holiday weekend

I will be heading up to London for the weekend and will hopefully be continuing with lots of walking, avoiding caffeine after midday and eating healthily. On Monday, on my return from the Big Smoke I will go for a jog helped along by the Zombies, Run! App on my phone (if you don’t know about this app look it up – it makes running a bit more fun.) I also plan to look into some 5k runs happening this summer and register to take part on one.

Ta-ta for now!