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How To Eat Sweets




This is my first blog post here and it's very exciting!  Aside for working in the press office here at Sussex I'm also an avid fan of sweets.  I love em and I like writing about them on my blog How To Eat Sweets (don't worry I brush my teeth and I keep fit).  It's basically about weird ways to eat Crunchies, Milky Ways, strawberry bootlaces etc. I just wondered if anyone fancied having a read of my confectionery can see it here SWEETIES! (The latest one is on Maltesers).

I'll try and post some sweet critique here too and will let you know when there are new posts on the main blog.

It's all making me want a Twix now!



Cakes and Sweat



Into week 3 of CTGF and we're still here......

The R&E team have been geting with a mixture of activities and I think we're all OK, everyone is still smiling (ish) and we are glowing with health, although to be fair, I am just glowing.

The main topic of conversation and prime activity appears to revolve around our need to maintian our cake and biscuit habit (read addiction) whilst also meeting the gluten free and vegan requirements of our personal challenges. I believe we have tried every form of gluten free biscuits and have even resorted to baking. On my cycle in this morning, I even worked out how to make gluten free vegan snacks, so that's my weekend sorted then.

Ah yes, my cycle in; this brings me nicely to the second point. Most of my exercise has invoved cycling and cardio activity... my goodness, the sweat, I appear to be constantly bathed in my own lactic acid and sweat (who knew your eyelids have sweat glands that poured forth?)

I've also realised that doing execise makes people obsessed with stats, here's some stats: Number of additional showers taken this month, 12. Number of additional laundry loads done to esnure I have some kit which is clean enough (read not sweat soaked) to put on, 5.

However, all the cycling (cycling to work and at least 3 spinning classes a week) must be paying off. This is the conversation I imagine taking place in Italy right now......

Sirs Bradley Wiggins and Dave Brailsford worked closely together on the composition of Team Sky's Giro squad

BW: "My chest's really bad, I don't think I can carry on..."

DB: " Don't worry Brad, I'll give Sarah a call and she can power the team up the Galibier, she managed a 27 minute hill climb in spinning without cracking. Here, take this packet of lockets and have a sleep"