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Sussex welcomes students to Open Day



On campus on Saturday to see our teams of students and staff welcome thousands of visitors to Sussex.  Weather glorious (like childhood summers, all our open days seem to be blessed with great weather).  Campus busy and buzzing as student tour guides lead potential students and parents hither and thither.  Look in on the subject desks on level 3 of Bramber and find it busy and academic colleagues happy.  Spot Vice-Chancellor and Deputy VC wandering round with smiling faces, which is always a good sign. Daniella who has lead the planning and preparation for the day calmy in charge - but with far away look in her eye.  Realise this is because she has radio mic earpiece linking in to the teams of staff and students across the campus and is monitoring all the chatter needed to keep the event running smoothly. Get some snaps on my phone inside and outside, and wander round some more.  Good day for Sussex once more!

Richmond (Engineering 2) Cafe Closing!



Hey guys,

If you don't know already, the cafe in Richmond (Old Engineering 2) is being closed down by the University! This is due to it not fitting in with the University's financial plan of taking control of all the cafes around campus to make money from them. Therefore, any cafe that is independent, such as the Coffee Workshop Cafe in Richmond, is being shut down because if it remains open it will be "stealing" the University's customers!

I happen to know that the Coffee Workshop Cafe provides many of the staff and students of not only the Engineering Dept, but all its other visitors with brilliant freshly made sandwiches, cakes and the most amazing crepes and galettes! Also it serves the best coffee on campus, freshly ground from beans roasted locally by Red Roaster. It’s not just the food that makes this cafe special, it’s also the character, which if you ask me the new cafe in Arts has a severe lack of!

I urge you to at least pay a visit to this wonderful cafe and try one of the awesome galettes (cheddar, chorizo, onion and garlic being my favourite!) before it is forced out. Also, if you have any ideas on how to save this little gem, I'm sure the owners Arnold and Judy will be happy to hear your thoughts.






I am very tired. Exhausted. Not because I have just moved to campus or anything like that.
I stayed up too late again and in the morning looking at the clock I saw that I will be late again
unless I hurry up, get dressed, brush teeth and drink coffee while checking e-mails, reading gossip
and tennis news, listening to youtube. Catch the bus but also not to forget to make my weekly ticket valid.

I was way on time for the beginning of the Mature program. On arrival my name was not in the list.
I was surprised because I even received confirmation about the event. My name was found with my name sticker later.
Because of me the queue became huge. Sorry, not my fault. Smile
Maybe it was a better idea that I wrote my name with nice big letters. Because the printed ones were so
small that you really had to go close to read what you had on it and what course you are in.
Well, for guys it must have been fun shamelessly staring at girls'/women's boobs to figure out the tiny letters Wink, but for me... Because I was tired I was particularly antisocial. I was looking at a girl,just because she was on her own as well..
 than finished reading the article in the magazine I had with me on the bus - I know.. inappropriate. I sat between mums,who had their kids with them.
I prefer kids to adults. That didn't help me socialising either. I was close to giving up the day.

And then I was talked to. Okay, I can answer questions, that is not too difficult. I just forgot to be interested myself.
I think my second coffee kicked in because I decided to start a conversation with lonely girl sitting next to me.
She was just too 'familiar'. So I said: have you managed to meet somebody who will study on the same course as you?
(Just thinking about myself that I have gone to two events so far, zero people from my course. Soon fate will catch me and I
can't hide from my mates any longer.)
  She just had to say one(!1!) word in English and I interrupted her in Hungarian right away, you are Hungarian, aren't you?

Without any doubt that she would think I am crazy or something, I was so sure. And I was right. So we sticked together sat in the first raw during the presentations which were informative and helpful, talked in Hungarian and that was it. The man who was sitting next to us was very friendly as well. One attention seeker woman was sitting right behind me laughing so hard at every single little joke which weren't even 'that' funny. Yell

I would like to set up a Hungarian Society anyway, and 3 people are needed to start one.

The lunch we got with all the drinks,canapes,fruits and cakes was really great. I have to eat well, I love food.
(I am Hunagrian, have I mentioned that before? Wink WE LOVE FOOD. The Society would be about cooking Hun food for people who are interested in the joy of Hun culinary art ;-))
And this was just gorgeous, really. Two thumbs up, if I had a third one that would be up as well. Laughing

The day went very fast. I talked a lot and we went through campus twice with Emese. Missed the Vice Chancellor's speech also twice, because by the time we got there (early, but never early enough) the place was already full. In the mean time we had a chat with a very helpful red-pully-can-help-i-am-from-student-union girl Carly, psycho student, and she was freezing, her lips very literally purple. We chatted a lot and then I realized that in this other part of campus behind Bramber House.. so busy oh students are moving in? Well, actually that shouldn't be so surprising.., many many cars and
worrying parents, sad parents, happy kids, sad students, busy helpers and I-know-it-all parents,
scared students with boxes, packs, lots of stuff, (half of it they will never use/wear/look at/touch), because a piece of home has to come with them. Fully understandable Laughing

This part of adventure is completely missing for me, but I know what it is like to move, I did less than 1,5 years ago from Budapest to here and then within Brighton & Hove 3 times. So I moved away from home for the first time right away to a different country, which is not even neighbouring.

I still have this cold I got more than a week ago.. in windy Falmer it got worse despite 3 layers of clothing and a scarf.., so I have to miss Sunday Funday Frown to get better and make friends with facial sauna again.

But from Monday on I will be back on campus, being antisocial as ever. Cool

Fresher's Fair Fun



Fresher's Fair was great, I enjoyed it a lot. There were many stalls with lots of societies
and I am planning to attend two or three taster sessions as well. I don't think I will manage more than that.
Today was very busy I had to take care of two stalls, one at the Racecourse for Brighton Uni, so
I started my day there, helped setting up there first. Then at Sussex. Smile

Finally I managed to get my ID card, the line was again very long.., it turned out that I was looking at the
wrong one and only one person was waiting. The long line was for those whose registration
wasn't full. It was quick and easy for me. Cool

Then back to the societies, signed up for a few, talked to many people, even a half-dried painting fell on my arm
because a student was very excited about the video games society, so he just didn't care that actually the
life drawing society's exhibition painting was in the way. He wanted to get there in time. Sure he was worried
that the stall would disappear the moment before he gets there. It didn't and my arm was covered in red paint. Yell

I had to go like that to confirm my language choice on a paper. There was a bit of a confusion there about it,
it wasn't obvious what they wanted especially because I didn't go to school in England. So I have no such thing
as a GSCE. I just have to wait till Friday to see whether I managed to get into the course I wanted to.

No evening program for me, I hope everybody had fun at the Barn dance event. I am so tired, I have to get to bed very soon. Tomorrow it is already Thursday, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who gets the impression that this week passes too quickly....

Already Thursday



Time passes quickly. The mature induction event seems to be ages ago..

I completely forgot about the Freebies Fair. Volleyball taster session was today and I
really wanted go. No induction, nothing like that, my timetable is ready now. We played
2 hours and I left with red arms, the best two hours of Fresher's Week so far. No need
to go into details that says it all. Smile

I just peeked into the Fair, but saw nothing interesting, so I decided to get my ticket
for the Pier Party. I was told it was sold out yesterday, maybe even before that. I really
wanted to go, well, should have thought about it earlier, my fault. I am pretty sure there
will be other parties organised by the Uni in the future. And then I will be more clever.

I was walking around campus a bit more then went home and cooked nice food(lecsó). From
what I could see so far, there are 3 other Hungarians on campus, we could start a society.
Maybe later in the year.

Quiet evening.

Making the Uni clean and welcoming (= rain, rain,rain....)



I am in pain. I was in pain the whole day. This is happy pain. Because I worked hard
to get it. Next time I will warmp ud and down even longer. I went to Falmer House
to sign up for the sport clubs and paid £50 for it. So now I have it on my student ID,
that I am a proud member. Smile

The weather was(is) so incredibly bad, amazing. The rain was falling
 from the ground towards the sky as well. Wind made it even enjoyable as the water sneaked into
my coat behind my scarf. I was soaking wet.. and the trip home on bus 25 and 7.. I knew I hated
the bus company, but now I hate it even more. That is one thing that the buses hardly ever
come on time or when it says on the timetable, but stating that it goes every 7 minutes, when it
simply just does not.. Everybody who has not seen yet will see buses 7 go "in pairs".
When the weather is as bad as yesterday it is even worse, when it is sunny and I am not in a hurry
I don't mind waiting longer.

I wanted to take a picture with the welcome board at Uni. Very cheesy, but to show my mum it would
have been nice. I had no camera :) Maybe tomorrow. I wish for nice weather, please.
I am considering not going to the other taster sessions, because if I lived on campus I would be
close, but it takes me longer getting there. In this weather.. rain, rain go away.. Frown

I also made a badge. You had to pay £1 which goes to charity. Verz good idea Student Union. Wink

Mine says I speak English, Dutch, Magyar(=Hungarian) and Esperanto. I hope that if I wear it often enough I will bump into nice people.

I went to several shops to get my exercise books. I never found nice ones. All overdecorated,
overpriced and stripy. I don't like taking notes on stripy pages. I want either blank or with
small squares. In the end I bought stripy ones, not refill notepads because I know myself,
I would just loose the pages after the lesson. That wouldn't be helpful at all. Laughing

As I was sitting outside under the arches a boy sat next to me, turned out he was from Brighton Uni
to promote the party that was that night. We talked about why I don't want to meet that many new people.
(For me it would be enough to have one or two good friends from my course and that is it, I am not
into this meet-as-many-people-as-you-can superficial way of thinking.

Tijana got her visa! Although I haven't taken part in too many activities, but I went to something every
day of the week(would have liked to go to the Pier Party but thought about it too late and tickets were
sold out, my fault..)  Frown So I absolutely can't imagine how more difficult it will be for her and those who
come later to get ready for Uni in one day or less. Good luck! Wink

Very soon we actually have to start studying.