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28 days later programme - Pearl Jam and dance music



The 2nd week of the 28 day later programme starts with the introduction of some music for the music brings energy to the class and the quadriceps scream along Karaoke style. Monday's session is ramped up with Terry the tyrant asking the group to increase the weights a little more.

The squat and row is by far the day for 'quadzilla' the quads cry...the recovery wipes the tears away. The early mornings are clearly becoming a routine for me although waking up at '5.30am' on a Saturday isn't what I signed up that time in the is the fitness channel and the ab circle pro (ooooh) that tells me this is too early.

Tuesday is inchworms and spidermans or any form of crawling (this is a technical term used by all good instructors..I promise you)...these are fine on their own...but add them to the frog jumps...yes the description is totally accurate....we do jump like frogs...they become a different ball game. Although the evidence is inconclusive I swear I heard a cry of joy when I announced that we had another set of frog jumps to someone rightly pointed out this would have been a major achievement on my part. Of course we would like to see some great changes in shape and behaviour...but wanting more frog jumps is what it’s all about

Now remember my comments re: Wednesdays and small groups today was no exception. In preparation for today and to wake up and get started I used my free time to sing along with Pearl Jam 'Ten' album a real classic from the early 90's and just the ticket....although I'm not sure a angry Eddie Vedder is the motivation the guys need.

The group today of 4 was definitely working hard and aware of how much harder it can be in a smaller group...but the sense of achievement is greater when that happens. The cardiovascular response from doing split squats then straight into the pushing weight above your head for a combined total of 2 minutes is a CARDIOVASCULAR workout...what lifting weight?...yes people no need to spend hours splitting resistance and cardio machines...combine strength and cardiovascular. This is 'pound for pound' the best way to get fitter, stronger; more conditioned and improve your shape. You will have more time to spend with family, TV, good book or like me collect money on Paradise Island.

For those that are interested we have been getting some decent results with participants losing 3-5lb since last Monday.....although I have heard the guys say they are getting their backside back.....this people is the highway to health and the core of our makes sense that the biggest mass of muscle does the majority of the big jobs...jump, run, sprint...right???...

 Ab Circle Pro or BBQ gone wrong?????